Zoom Direct

Zoom Direct

Site live September 2010 - First cached September 2010
Product Related Positions Achieved December 2010 (3 months) 
Optimised Design - kCommerce eCommerce System - Generically targeted SEO - Source Code and Graphics Optimisation - Content Optimisation - Page Title and Meta Description Optimisation - Mini Link Campaign - Online  software development
The site appears on the front page of Google for the majority of the product related search terms, giving the site thousands of first page positions.

Most kCommerce eCommerce websites that we design and optimise, give a full return on investment within 4 to 8 months and the clients traffic increases month on month, as does their reputation and brand visibility.

In the case of Zoom Direct, the client had recouped the full investment in their website, (in profit, not turnover), within 7 Months of the site first being spidered. 


Web Design and Optimisation Clients

We have featured a couple of handfuls of our clients' websites. It's a small sample and represents around 2 percent of all of the sites that we have designed and/or optimised in the past 10 years.
All of our sites feature different, bespoke designs, not standard templates and we don't farm out the work to India or Romania, all of the work that we do for our clients is completed inhouse.