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How much does a web site cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Alas, there is no quick and easy answer!

Every web site design project is unique. Kenkaiers do not use template web sites. We provide a custom quote for each web site design. While any project is not priced solely on number of pages, it's safe to say that a 10-page site will cost less than a 100-page site, and a simple online brochure will be less than a data driven or e-commerce site.

By keeping our operating costs to a minimum, we offer one of the most competitive rates in the web design industry. We are totally up front about web design or search engine optimisation costs. As long as the customer does not change direction in the middle of the project, our invoice will never exceed our initial quote. It is true to say that many web design companies will price your design on how much they feel you can afford. By that, I mean, they would ask more from a successful multi-national company, than they would from the local butcher, even if both sites were of a similar size and they both took the same time to design and publish to the web. We charge the same hourly rate, for your web site design, irrespective of size of your business, or the value of your product.

Whether your project is large or small, please contact us today to discuss a solution that works for you and your company.

How can I save money on my web design?

We understand that small businesses and individuals often have to work to a tight budget. There are two essential ingredients, within your control, that can greatly reduce the overall cost and length of a web design project. If you can provide all of the required text in Word, Wordperfect, Notepad, Wordpad or even as text in an email document, it saves your designer valuable copy-typing time. Equally, if you can provide your photographs as jpg's, tiffs, gifs or a similar digital format, time is saved in not having to scan and optimize the photos for the web site.

Writing good website copy is not my strong point, how good does it have to be?

Please do not concern yourself over your ability to write good website copy. Everything that you write will be reviewed for optimisation purposes anyway. We try to use as much of your original copy as possible and before making any wholesale changes, you will, of course, be fully consulted.

Can you write all of the text content for me?

We can, but prefer not to. Although we can do the research necessary to write excellent copy for your web design, on your behalf, you are already an expert in your field and research time can prove to be costly. A member of the Kenkai team is always at hand to offer help and advice on writing good copy, so there is no need to unduly worry about it.

Contact Kenkai today to organise a free, no obligation chat about your requirements.

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Kenkai offer affordable website design services to individuals, businesses and companies throughout the UK and Europe. Modern, professional website design is much more than sticking some graphics and content on a page. Our designers develop an eye-catching, easy-to-navigate, memorable site; developed with your brand identity in mind.

All of our Websites are developed within a spider-friendly CMS and take into account all the best elements of ethical Search Engine Optimisation.