Third Sector staff benefits site hits page one

Third Sector Employee Benefits Site

Congratulations to Ian Bird and his team at the third sector employee benefits consultancy,, who has reached the front pages of the search engines for the majority of his search terms, within a month of the search engines caching the optimised site.

This was the first third sector website that we have optimised and we are delighted that the SEO has gone so well, so quickly. As yet, we have not had the time to put together a portfolio page, but the site is firing for dozens, if not hundreds of it’s search terms, including: third sector employee benefits,  employee benefits service, employee benefits advisers, third sector employee pensions, etc. etc. The site is also firing for the targeted ACEVO terms as well.

This was a full site optimisation, but although we completely recoded the site using CSS Divisional Layers, we used the design that that Ian had agreed with his previous design company.

Shameless Pitch

If you have a Third Sector or Charity website that needs optimising, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can’t promise to get you to the top in a month, as we have with ThirdFinance, but there are few sites that we can’t take to the front pages in a 6 week to 6 month period.

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