Welcome to our new member of staff.

Fred The Boxer / Staff Cross Puppy - Bullboxer

Fred the DogWe all started work this morning at 6am, as usual, but from 2pm onwards, there wasn’t a stroke of work carried out, not by anybody in the office! Why, because of the arrival of our new puppy! Fred, (yes, that’s his name), is a bullboxer; a cross between a boxer and a staffordshire bull terrier. He is pure white with a ginger spot on one eye and he’s a little darling!

The girls, Dave and Shug, (our other two dogs), have been bullying him, but I’m sure that will stop, as within 4 months, he’ll be bigger and stronger than both of them, as a bullboxer can grow to be 120 pounds!

Peggy and Dolly’s bums have hardly touched their office seats today and Kai, Ally and myself have been in and out of the offices to follow shouts of “Look what he’s doing now!”

Anyway, I better actually get some work done today - Myself, Kai and Ally will be here until 10pm this evening if anyone needs us! (inbetween making sure wee Fred is okay!)

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trent Says:

what a beautiful puppy!!!!

Lizzy Says:

awww he is beautiful :) is he for sale ???

The Big Man: No Lizzy, no amount of money would tempt us to part with him. He’s my wee boy - although not so wee anymore! I should really put up more recent pictures of him. When I do, I’ll drop you an email. Be well.

kelz and leigh Says:

we luv the pic, he just lookes like my doggy he is crossed between a boxer and staff too.

ben Says:

hi i would love to know where u got ur bull boxer as im overly intrested in geting one please reply with details with thanks from ben

The Big Man Says:

Hello Ben, we already had two other rescue dogs and we registered our interest in another with The Dog Trust. We explained that we were looking for a medium sized cross terrier puppy, with a preference for a staff cross and were willing to wait for it. We also said we would be interested in a staff cross under a year old. As they find staffies more difficult to foster than most other breeds of dogs, they are happy to call you if something comes in. They contacted us a couple of times about thoroughbred staffordshire bull terriers that were a couple of years old, neither of which got on with our dogs and then they called to say they had imported Bullboxer puppies from Ireland, about four months after we registered our interest, we saw them and instantly fell in love with the wee man. He has turned into the most loving, obedient, fun loving dog we ever known and I would thoroughly recommend a bullboxer to anyone. He does have a lot of energy though, so if you don’t like long walks, a bullboxer is not for you! I can take him on a three mile run and by the time I can hardly walk, he’s ready for another three miles! I’ll look out some piccies and add them to the blog in the next few days, so you can see what a handsome boy he has turned into. Good luck in sourcing a bullboxer, but I know several friends with staff crosses and they make wonderful pets. A guy that goes to the same dog trainer as myself got a bullboxer and a labraboxer from this site, and I note there are a few available at the moment on the site, dotted about the country. Good luck in finding a dog and please let me know if you do find one.

michael cameron Says:

Hey my staff has just had bullboxer puppies - the dad is a boxer. I have 3 pups left to sell: Have one red with a white collar - he is a big lad - and the other two are brindle - 1 male and 1 female. If you know anyone that is interested in a bullboxer puppy, please pass on my email adress bigmickyc@hotmail.co.uk or my mobile is 07729020980. The brindle puppies are £150 and the red is £200.

The Big Man Says:

All of Michael’s bull boxer puppies now have homes.

ben Says:

I was lucky to get a 4 year old bullboxer the other day. She was free on gumtree and I’m happy with her, although she is a bit lead pully at times; but all is well, I got What I wanted. My circumstances have changed and I may have to find another home for her, but I hope I can work something out.

The Big Man Says:

It good to hear you have found a bullboxer Ben, I hope the circumstances are happy one and that you work something out. With reference to the pulling, Fred was exactly the same, but we now use a HALTI headcollar and he walks to heel perfectly now. They are about six quid and you can get them at most pet stores or online, all over the web, even on ebay.

Hannah Says:

I have a staff/boxer bitch and i’m just wondering what size she will get to? Staff size or boxer size?

The Big Man Says:

I don’t claim to be an expert on Bullboxers Hannah, but our Fred’s mother was a boxer and his father was a staff and at 1 year, (it was his birthday four days ago), he’s 27 inches to the top of his head and has the body of a strong looking boxer. A friend at the training class has a bullboxer that the staff was the mother and the boxer was the father and she’s about four to five inches smaller than Fred and has a much rounder body. I suppose it also depends on the size of the parents as well, but I hope that gives you some kind of indication of the size your bullboxer baby will be in the future.

KREY Says:


Steff Says:

Fred is so cute. I have a staff cross boxer called Harvey he’s only 5months old but growing quickly. We were a bit concerened about the staff in him with my son but they are like best friends.

paige Says:

i luv this dog it is so cute who luvs it i do

tonkdy Says:

I love this dog too. How old is it, and how much did it cost you?

The Big Man Says:

The pic of Fred that you see above was taken when he was 9 weeks old. He’s now comin up 14 months and he’s a big boy now! I’ve been threatening to get some pics out and post an update on the blog for some time, so I’ll get my finger out and do it in the next few days.

Fred was a rescue dog and we got him through the dog’s trust. We registered with them and asked us to contact us when they had any staffie crosses in, our preferences being a Bullboxer or a Boxador. Several months later they called to say they had 5 bullboxer puppies coming in from Ireland, we went to see him and booked him straight away.

I think that he cost us £75 to “adopt” him, but they chipped him, had him fully checked by a vet and gave us a voucher to have him neutered, which would have cost £100, so it didn’t cost us anything in the end. Check out the dogs trust, they do a fabulous job www.dogstrust.org.uk

anastasia Says:

awwwwwwww i love that dog it’s so so so so cute is he or she for sale???????????????????????????????????? i will buy that dog for £200 my E mail is dog_lover1993@hotmail.co.uk send me yes or no. Love your dog

The Big Man Says:

No I’m afraid he’s not for sale, although I could have sold him about fifty times since I put this article up. This pic was taken a year ago and he’s a big boy now. If you want to see how he turned out, visit http://www.kenkai.com/seo-blog-article-138.htm

Sharon Williams Says:

I am really interested in a bull boxer dog and if you have any info on where to find breeders then please could you email me.

Thank you.

The Big Man Says:

Sharon, here’s a 5 month old bullboxer that’s looking for a good home: http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/pets4homes/home.nsf/LookupUNID/694275F75A7A385A80257444000FF09E

dizzy Says:

i’v got a 8 week old boxer cross staff, (mother was the staff) and i was just wondering what is the biggest size it would reach?

The Big Man Says:

Hello Dizzy, please see my response on the 6th February above. Happy Christmas!

Carmen Says:

I would love to see pictures of your bullboxer puppy now, he is so cute. Our Boxer just had pups and they are the same mix as Fred, in fact one has the same carmel marking on his ear.

The Big Man Says:

Hello Carmen, he’s a big boy now. You can see how he turned out at http://www.kenkai.com/seo-blog-article-138.htm

Nati Says:

WOW!!! He is so cute!! My mom asked me if I wanted a dog!! And I want the staff dog!! Can you tell me where they sell them!! Pease reply!! Thanks.

The Big Man Says:

Hello Nati, if you read my replies above you’ll see we got our bullboxer, Fred, from the dog’s trust. I suspect, however, that you are based in the USA, due to your spelling of “Mom”, so I have no idea what the equivalent of the dog’s trust in the States is. I’m sure there is a dog shelter for rescue dogs near you and I’m sure they will have a staff cross od some sort -(although it may be called a pitbull cross over there). Another thing Nati, don’t forget the cute little Buulboxer or staff puppies grow into big strong dogs that need a lot of exercising.

BJ Says:

Have you got a more recent photo of your handsome boy - I came across this blog by accident while looking at rehoming centres. I have a boxer staffie cross, we got her from Battersea 5 years ago she is 6 now and she is the most affectionate, sweet, quiet, patient dog we have ever had the pleasure of owning, although we refer to her as a boxerford terrier - although not a lot going upstairs if you get my drift! That’s the staffie side!

claire Says:

Awww, he is wonderful want him in my arms!

me Says:

My daughter rescued a dog she was told was a boxer. Well it wasn’t. She later could not keep her dog. Through research we discovered it is a bull-boxer. She is fawn color with a white diamond chest and a black muzzule. She looks kile she is always in serious thought, like the dog in the picture playing cards.

She is sooooo curious and active. She loves her two dog buddies. When she sees a squirrel out the patio door, she pounces on the door. She can not contain her energy and she has no brakes when she is outside.

This dog also dog tracks when she walks. She is fun loving and a bulldozer. She chews on her lab mix buddies legs nightly and they tolerate every thing she does.

Watching her outside revealed how she plays. She will throw her toy and pretend she doestn’t see hi then pounce on it as if she just found it.

This is a fun dog with a lot of energy.

However, she can not be spaded as she has a heart condition. When she is anesthetized her heart needs to be shocked back to a regular rhythm.

This breed is so new to me. Can anyone tell me something more about it?

Freddie has a heart condition as well and if we didn’t have pet insurance throught Petplan, we couldn’t have afforded to keep him, as he costs hundreds per month for medication and check-ups. You wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with him though, but he has to be exersized each day to the point of exhaustion - mine that is - it’s not possible to exhaust a Bullboxer! I know other owners of bullboxers and yours and mine are the only ones I know with a heart condition, so I guess we have just been unlucky - although Fred has had a vasectomy and there were no issues with his heart. I would suggest you discuss having her speyed with another vet - it’s always worth getting a second opinion. Be well. BM

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Says:

Your post on Bullboxer - Boxer / Staff cross puppy dog - Staff boxer dog … I found to be a valuable read when I was searching for Staffordshire Bull Terrier info….

Kaena Says:

Hi, I too am the owner of a bullboxer. Her father is a boxer mom is a staffie. She is about to turn two. I cannot say enough about this wonderful mix. She is the sweetest, calmest, most obedient, loyal dog. We have three young children and she is so good with them. I would never have any other kind of dog now. She is currently training to be a therapy dog to visit hospitals and retirement homes. We thought she would be much bigger but she is only about 70 lbs. We did follow Cesar Milans philosphys and ended up with a perfectly balanced dog. Don’t know what I would do without her now:)

Tim Says:

Hi I have just bought a stockser as I call them and he is 9 wks old he is sooo lovely I paid 200 for mine I really wanted to get his brother aswell for him to play with we have called him Bruno and I just love him. I did have a staffie and they are so good I dnt really know much about boxers though. Tim, send a pic of Bruno and we’ll publish it on the blog for you. send to bigman@kenkai.com.

scobal Says:

i just got a three year old bullboxer bitch from a friend and a swear i can not fault her,she is the best most loving and loyal dog that i have ever hadxx

jeremy Says:

I am so happy that I finally know what kind of puppy my wife and I have. Our puppy Gypsy looks exactly like this picture, minus the brown. She was one of 8 rescue puppies and they all have the same exact face! We are so excited because we have always wanted a Staffy but did not see the point in paying so so much! Well our prayers were answered. So how is Fred know that he is 3 almost 4 years old? Any more pics so I might compare?

pitbull attacks Says:

That is pretty instresting. I think that pitbulls are just very misunderstood. I’m sure they are, but Fred isn’t a pitbull.

Jane Says:

I too have a Bullboxer (never actually heard of this name for them until reading this website). she is now 19 months old and called Noodles! The most loyal, friendly, adorable, mischievous dog ever. She gives so much love, it’s wonderful. Would never be without her. She is so fussy, won’t eat dog biscuits, or anything “crunchy” apart from the odd Cheese and Onion crisp! Brindle and gets admiring comments everywhere we go as she is so friendly (sometimes a little too much). I thoroughly recommend getting a Bullboxer then you have the best of two of the best breeds around. Jane, send me a pic to bigman@kenkai.com and I’ll publish it with your comment BM

Sue Bromley Says:

I am currently fostering a boxer/ staff cross for Northern Rose Boxer Rescue. He is looking for a forever home and you can read his updates and see photo’s on the website britishboxerdogs.co.uk. Fletcher is a friendly boy, loves kids, happy with other dogs and is a powerful looking brindle boy, having the look of an American Bulldog / Staffie cross. He is currently based in Bolton, so if you are looking for a beautiful, friendly dog, and you can give him a forever home, get in touch with britishboxerdogs.co.uk. Persevere with the site, as you have to do a lot of scrolling, which with the lay-out, isn’t obvious. You don’t have to register, just scroll a lot to find what you want :) Click on Sue’s name above to go to Fletcher’s page. BM

Sue Bromley Says:

This site may be a little more palatable
Just scroll down until you see the pic of my gorgeus Fletcher, then click on his pic x Hello Sue, please don’t be offended by my comment about scrolling on your last post, I wanted my readers to realise there was more to the site and they didn’t have to register to see Fletcher. Iregistered and was taken back to a page that looked exactly the same as before I registered, making me think it didn’t work. Fletcher is indeed a beauty, as are Twinkle, Rosie, Lucky and Mason, all of whom look to have a bit of staffie in them, somewhere in their genetic make-up. If we didn’t already have four dogs, I’d be taking a trip to come and see them! Good luck in finding new homes for them. :) BM

Sue Bromley Says:

Absolutely no offence taken. I was just making sure that the people who didn’t have time to trawl through the forum still had the opportunity to see my beautiful lad. Fingers crossed someone likes him and wants to offer him a home xxxx

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