Aria have lost a customer.

Aria Computer Components Online

We discovered some four years ago and have bought all our computers, computer components, TV’s, Printers, Photography equipment, etc form them since that time, totalling 39 orders in all. 

We have always recommended Aria to all of our friends, colleagues and clients, as their products and service has always been second to none. But we have placed our last order with them. Why? Let me tell you….

Aria Telephone Sales and Support

Although Aria is an online store, one of the things that we loved about them, apart from the excellent value for money, was that you could get straight through to them on the phone and that if they said it would be delivered next day, we could rest assured that it would arrive. In the past few orders that we have placed, however, we have found that the telephone waiting times have grown to get to the annoying stage and when we paid for next day delivery on items that were supposed to be in stock, end up taking longer to deliver, or items were simply not in stock. The last order that we placed, however, took the biscuit.

On the 9th February, we placed an order online;not a massive order, about £350 quid. The parts showed in stock and we paid for Saturday delivery, as next day delivery misses out the weekend and if you order on a Friday, you get it on a Monday. We paid for Saturday delivery, as we were desperate for the parts, as Kai’s main machine was out of action. Saturday came and went and we had to wait until Monday to phone Aria’s Support line to find out what the hell happened to our computer parts. We phoned on Monday morning, waiting on hold for 45 minutes to be told that one of the RAM sticks wasn’t in stock, so they didn’t send any of the order. Then we were told that they couldn’t simply replace the ram sticks and that a new order would have to be made. Why?, Because the RAM stick in question, would be in stock within 24 hours, however they refused to deliver it until the following Saturday, because we had paid extra for Saturday delivery, so we had to cancel the order and reorder with a different RAM stick and next day delivery. Bearing in mind, another 20 minutes had passed to get to this stage.

The Aria salesperson said he would look into the most suitable RAM stick for us and call us back within the hour. Four hours later, we had to call again, as he hadn’t bothered his arse calling us back. We called again, 50 minutes waiting time this time to be told that nobody else could help us but the chap we had be speaking to, but of course….. he was on his lunch and he would call back as soon as he got back to his desk. Did he? Nope.

Next morning we called Aria again, another 34 minutes waiting time, of course, he was day off, so we had to start from scratch again. Amazingly, unlike the previous day, anyone at Aria could deal with the problem. 25 minutes later, we were still getting nowhere, as it seemed nobody in the whole of Aria was capable of telling us which RAM stick was a direct replacement for the RAM that we had ordered. As nobody could give us the info we needed, we had no option but to cancel the order. The Aria person on the phone said they were sorry we had had this difficulty (the first person to apologise) and that they would arrange for the payment being refunded and credited to our credit card.

After 48 hours, the online ordering system still said processing, so we phoned again, 38 minutes this time, before we got through……… are you getting bored yet, or did I lose you a long time ago?

I’ll cut the story short there, but despite speaking to them twice since then, Aria’s online system still says processing and our refund has not only not arrived back in my credit card account, but - get this - this is honestly what I was told today, “The man that deals with the refunds on your account has been off sick, but it should be done by Tuesday of next week” Isn’t that wonderful!

This Aria ordering debacle has undone all of the work that has been done by the Aria staff over the past few years and they have lost our business. Not just our business, but the business of the dozens of people that we would be recommending them to over the coming months and I’m sure I’ll recount this tale to anyone thinking of shopping for computer components from Aria, that mentions it to me.

Lesson To Us All

Let it be a lesson to us all in the service and retail industry, that no matter what reputation and trust that you have built over the years, you can blow it all with a lapse in service, or a member of your staff not being properly trained. I’m sure Aria don’t care that they have lost our business, with 45 minute call waiting times, they seem to be busy enough without our custom!

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eren Says:

I am not a business but having had my own dissatisfaction with Aria Technology Limited, how true the closing remark re.! While sharing on comsumer sites my bad expereince with “Aria PC Technology” I saw its rating so rapidly to be falling on business rating sites –on one within a few months from, 3.59 to 3.19 to 3.03 ~with consumer comments about Aria Technology Ltd. go on one site from 67% negative recently and on another its rating 0 (zero) out of 10 for the past six months…

Rob Beresford Says:

OMG! Wish I’d done a bit of homework before using this rogue trader, still there, upsetting its customers three years on!

I’m not going to go into detail with this outfit save suffice to say, please folk, if you want to keep your sanity, keep well clear of this sad bunch, in fact, if you live in in Manchester, your too close! Try moving down South! Hell, strike that! Down South of France (nice paragliding)!

Get the idea? Just how bad can Aria Technology Ltd be?
Well if you want a refund, you might be needing the services of the small claims court if they haven’t been closed down before you read this, at which point, I guess you’ll be out of luck!

PS don’t say “Distance Selling Regulations”, it really upsets them!

Logical Robbie

Simon Beer Says:

Not trying to play Devils Advocate here, but I have had really good experience of Aria since deciding to try them about three months ago. My first order was made on the basis that their price was the best by a good margin on a full i5 system. When it arrived the next day they had thrown in a free 2GB USB stick which I thought was a nice gesture. When I started building my machine I found the Fractal case I had bought had problems internally with the attachment of the acoustic insulation. Aria were very helpful and were happy to take it straight back for a refund or replacement. I decided to chase the manufacturer instead as I thought that would allow me to build straight away. Unfortunately they took a bit of a chase to get hold of (no fault of Aria), but the end result was a nice goody bag of high quality fans as well as replacement insulation.

Since then I have been getting involved in their forums and the competitions and deals there are something else. Personally I have recently got a 80GB Intel SSD for £100 (more than £160 everywhere else), as well as winning £40 account credit for a bit of trivia in a quiz. I have also found the staff to be the most approachable and personable I have dealt with. They were more than happy to help discuss my order and happily price matched the couple of products that were cheaper elsewhere. Whilst I don’t have experience of waiting for a refund from them, I can say that I have found refunds slow to happen from many large companies and heard far worse excuses. I didn’t want a refund, I wanted my order delivered on time! They haven’t been around for so long because they rip people off. I didn’t suggest that they were rip-off merchants - not for a second and I can’t see how you read that from my blog item - My point is purely that the staff I spoke to didn’t give a damn, were poorly trained and waiting 40 to 50 minutes each time you want to speak to anyone is totally unacceptable in this day and age. BM
Anyway I will wrap up by saying that these positive personal experiences are enough to convince me to give them a try for our business account. We currently have a Credit Account with Ebuyer that I have been disappointed with since we stopped having a keen account manager. Time to try something new when we next have some updating to do I think. Thanks for your input. I did write this three years ago and things may have changed since then, but it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy - I won’t be trying them again. BM

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