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Front Page Optimisation

Congratulations to Mark Kane, who’s website, KaneandRoss, has jumped to the front page of the search engines, following a Front Page Optimisation project.

It took a matter of days before the site was cached by the UK versions of Yahoo and MSN, although Google took almost four weeks to re-cache the site and we’re happy to say that the site picked up hundreds of front page positions with the first caching after the completion of the front page optimisation project.

Although Mark’s site has jumped up the rankings very quickly, the rankings will improve further over the next 6 months. As with any optimisation project that we take on, front page optimisation can take up to six months to fire in the SERPS, but in this case, it all came together very quickly.

Advantages of Front Page Optimisation

The index page is the single, most important page on your website, as far as the search engine spiders are concerned. The search engine spiders follow a link to your root website address, in the case of Mark’s site,  if the site is set up properly, will be the front page of your website. From there the spider will follow links on your index page to the rest of your website.

Front page optimisation involves recoding the source code, optimising the content, page title and head tags, ensuring W3c compliance, adding clear navigation from the page, etc. It has two main advantages over site-wide optimisation, it can be done quickly and it costs a fraction of the price of full optimisation.

It has the disadvantage of limiting the number of keyterms that can be targeted, as an optimiser only has one page to work with. It also means that the keyword density is reduced within the content, with an index page optimisation project, as more keyterms are targeted on one page.

Front page optimisation can be very effective, however, if you are targeting a keyterm with a geographical limiter, for example, website optimisation Stirling, wedding photographer Scotland, etc, rather than generic terms such as website optimisation or wedding photographer. That makes front page optimisation ideal for businesses that work locally and that are service based, rather than product based businesses who have a national or international target market.

So if you are targeting a local market, ask your optimisation company about front page optimisation - it could give you the results that you are looking for, and give you a quick return on investment.

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