Are you addicted to technology?

Addicted to Portable Technology

If Nada Kakabadse, (surely a made-up name?), who is a professor at the Northampton Business school, is to be believed, we are all addicted to portable technology and it is affecting our decision making progress.

Professor Kakabadse would appear to be suggesting that by using mobile telephones, PDA’s, XDA’s and laptops that we are all suffering from “Tech overload” and it is adversely affecting our ability to process information.

Mobile Addictions lead to “Losing Spatial Judgement”

He said, “”Your judgement is impaired. Equally your decision making processes are impaired. It’s like losing your spatial judgement, so instead of walking through the door you walk into it. You’re more prone to have a car accident if you drive.”

He added, “”It’s addiction to portable technology, which you take with you practically to bed, the cinema, to the theatre, to a dinner party. The symptoms are, like with any other addiction, that people spend more time using their technology than spending it in socialising or in family time.”

Now, I’m sure that the professor isn’t just another one of the people that get paid a small fortune to study something for six months, travel to conferences in Sweden and then come out with statements that nobody can disprove, but make little sense to anyone with half a brain, but seriously, what is he talking about? Because I have a mobile phone in my pocket when I go anywhere and people can reach me by phone text or email, 24 hours a day, I’m more likely to walk into a door or crash my car?  Get serious Nada, in my experience, you are talking nonsense!

Yes, if I am talking to someone on a phone, as I walk through a door, or I am driving at 70 mph, I can accept that I would be more likely to cause myself grief, but that’s not what the professor is suggesting. Just by having the telephone in my pocket, I can’t decide whether to walk through a door or walk into it? I just don’t see any connection. What do you think?

You can read a news item on Professor Kakabadse’s conclusions by following this link:
Portable Technology Addiction.

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Tony Says:

Oh no! I walked into a door the other day. I thought it was the 15 bottles of beer I had consumed, but it seems that I’m suffering from Portable Technology Addiction. No doubt it won’t be long before we hear people say,
“Yes, I’ve got PTA, actually!” In this guy’s case, it would stand for Professor Talking through his Anus!

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