Yahoo introduce the NOYDIR Meta Tag

Yahoo Directory Opt-Out Meta-tag - NOYDIR

Ever since Yahoo accepted the NOODP Meta tag, back in the first week of November, (which allows site owners to opt-out of having DMOZ directory titles and/or descriptions used in the search engine listings, instead of their optimised Page titles and Page descriptions), they have been working on a similar opt-out Meta tag for the Yahoo Directory. The good news is that the NOYDIR tag is now recognised!


If you wish to prevent Yahoo from using the Page Title and/or Meta Description tag from your directory listing, rather than the page title and/or description from your index page in the Yahoo Search Engine, you can now add the NOYDIR Meta tag to the Head section of your index page source code. The complete tag is:

<meta name=”robots” content=”NOYDIR”>

The Yahoo directory opt-optĀ is currently fully working in the US engines and should be in place in the UK within the next ten days, but there is no harm in adding the NOYDIR tag to your source code now.

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