Changes to the Big Man’s SEO Blog

Changes to The Big Man’s SEO Blog

February was pretty much of a blank, as far as the Big Man’s Blog was concerned. It wasn’t down to laziness, no news in the SEO industry, or lack of interest. The fact is we have been extremely busy and we’re refurbishing the office and we are also replacing all of our machines at the moment and I simply haven’t had time to offer SEO advice or make comment on changes in the SEO industry.

On top of that I have had numerous suggestions on changes to the Blog from regular readers and I have taken the suggestions on board. So from this point on, I won’t only be offering my opinions and adviceĀ on SEO and SEO related news items, but also on Web design, IT, other people’s blogs, our own clients and basically anything that takes my fancy.

We have added a comment section to the blog so that you can put your own two pennyworth in, or ask questions.

The Big Man’s BlogĀ is still an SEO Blog, but I’ll be commenting on other bits and pieces that I think may be of interest to visitors to the blog, as well as imparting SEO advice, as always.

Starting tomorrow……

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