New Windows Vista operating system - is it any good?

Windows Vista Operating System

You will have most likely heard of the new version of Windows, known as Windows Vista. It’s been all over the news and with the ‘anti-PC’ adverts that Apple Mac have been spreading about the place, the hype keeps hitting the headlines again and again. These adverts would be good if you had never used a Mac before, but c’mon - they are simply glorified drawing machines that have to be rebooted ten times a day - something that rarely happens with a PC. (jumps back off soap box…)

Kenkai subscribes to the Microsoft Action Pack (which basically includes the programs that are most useful for business use). so we received our much anticipated copy of Vista on Thursday. The copy we got was an upgrade version for Windows XP. So in order to install the software we had to have Windows XP on the machine originally, which wasn’t an issue for us.

Kai took Windows Vista home to test the install on his home computer. He found it installed perfectly, and worked first time. He found the Vista version really attractive, with innovative new features and all the other things that every other blog is going on about! Being happy that the Vista home test had been successful, he decided to install Windows Vista on his work machines, and started to do so on Saturday morning.

The first attempt on a business machine unfortunately failed half way through the install, and reverted back to XP. Two hours in, he was back to square one.

Trying again, the second time it made all the right noises through installing. Once it was operational, Vista was giving problems with run32dll. Kai was able to delete system files, but not edit or create them which left him without a hosts file for a while.

It was suggested on different forums that a clean install instead of an upgrade would fix the issues. After Kai yet again reinstalled XP/Vista, all was all looking rosy until he rebooted. At this point Vista decided it liked the boot screen much better than actually starting and stayed there for half an hour until Kai switched the PC off.

After finally managing to install Windows Vista, he had to reinstall all of his normal business-related programs he needed for that days work, but once they were installed, Windows Vista decided to run at a snails pace. In the end, Kai spent Monday morning reinstalling his machine with steady, reliable Windows XP.

Be aware that Windows Vista is a remarkable piece of kit and Kai still has it installed in his home PC. We would say, however, that if you’re thinking of getting Windows Vista for business machines, we suggest that you ensure that your computer is really up to date and that your devices on your computer are compatible. Not just a good computer but a great one! We’re talking dual core processor with at least 2GB RAM, as Windows Vista uses up a lot of resources. However, as we say, it is very pretty and has some cool new features and may be worth the investment, If like us, you are running seven machines and two servers, it may prove to be too costly an exercise to upgrade.

If you can afford the upgrades, it’s a really nice operating system, although I think that, like XP, it will be a few months before Microsoft sort out all of the kinks in Windows Vista.

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