No announcement on Yahoo Directory opt-out meta tag.

Yahoo Directory opt-out Meta tag

Adam from, UK’s premier number plates club¬†writes:

With reference to your article at, I was wondering if you’d received any further information on the possible implementation of a Yahoo Directory opt-out meta tag. Our website has been suffering in the Yahoo index due to Slurp pulling the Yahoo Directory title and description, which is now out-dated as the website is used for something else.

Hello Adam, I’m afraid Yahoo have remained tight lipped about the new Yahoo directory opt-out tag since announcing that they were working on it.

I regularly check to see if Yahoo have announced anything in the Yahoo blog, but although people are asking about the tag, there are no answers coming at present. I thought they may introduce it in the January update, which happened around the 19th of January, as Tim Mayers suggested, but I can find no sign of it so far.

In the meantime, you may wish to try to change your existing Yahoo Directory listing, if your site has changed direction. You can find more information about changing a Yahoo Directory listing here.

As soon as I find any information on how to opt-out from using the Yahoo directory title and/or description, I’ll let you know.

Yahoo Opt-out Meta Tag Update

Yahoo have now introduced their Yahoo directory opt-out meta tag, NOYDIR. Details can be found here: NOYDIR Meta Tag

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