Storm worm email making the rounds again

Storm Worm Email

Whilst the storms were sweeping Europe two weeks ago, cyber criminals sent out a malicious email that has become known as the “Storm worm” email. Hundreds of people who didn’t have sufficient protection in their machines, in the form of anti-virus and/or firewall software, were caught out, becoming part of a massive zombie network.

Zombie Network

A Zombie Network, (also known as a Zombie Army or a Botnet), is a group of compromised computers that have had a back door opened so that they can be controlled remotely, usually without the owners knowledge. A zombie network, once in the control of a cyber criminal, will use the Botnet to mail out spam, send viruses, or make a denial of service attack.

It was thought that the Storm Worm emails had died out last week, but it seems the cyber criminal has used the zombie network to send out another massive batch of malicious emails that can open back doors to your computers, but instead of the subject line being about the stormy weather, “230 dead as storm batters Europe”, they read “US Secretary of State Condoleezza…” or “a killer at 11, free at 21 and…”.

If you receive one of these Storm Worm, Killer at 11, or Condoleezza emails, or indeed, any emails from sources that you are not sure of, don’t open any attachments and delete the emails immediately. Better still, get some protection in your machine, so you are protected from becoming part of a zombie network at all times.

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