Christmas online retail sales 2006

Christmas Online sales 2006

It was predicted that Christmas internet online sales would increase by around 25% on last year. In fact, online Christmas sales increased by just under a massive 55% on the internet retailers’ 2005 figures.

In fact, Christmas online sales amounted to 25% of £30 billion of sales from online stores in the whole of 2006, at just over £7.6 billion.

Peak Times for Online Retailers

Peak sales were recorded on the 11th December and between 1pm and 2pm was the most popular time to shop, as people did their Christmas shopping in their lunch hour at work. Peak traffic, however, was seen on the 27th December, as people got bored of the telly and surfed and spent the money and gift vouchers they had received as Christmas gifts.

Traffic started to drop dramatically on the 19th, for online stores that rely on the Royal Mail to deliver their products, due to worries that the gifts wouldn’t arrive in time for Santa to bring them down the Chimney. Stores that offered courier delivery, however, received orders up to Christmas Eve. One of our clients, VeryNice2, who retail household accessories online, were still receiving orders on the afternoon of Sunday the 24th December, expecting them to be delivered on Christmas day!

Prepare for Christmas 2007

You may be too late to cash in on last Christmas, but it’s never too early to start working towards preparing your online store for Christmas 2007. With 25% of online sales happening over the Christmas shopping period, don’t just think about it – take action now!

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