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Google toolbar PageRank Update 11th January, 2007

On sitting at my desk at 6am this morning, I noticed some changes in PageRank. The Google PageRank update may have started as early as the 10th January, as we were with clients all day yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening, so didn’t notice any changes then.

On checking, it would also seem that backlinks have been updated in the Google Update.

Although I am 100% certain that PageRank updates are underway, the place I check daily, seocompany, doesn’t seem to have noticed the update yet, which is most surprising.

It’s still worth visiting the page for historical information on past PR updates.

I suspect their won’t be any massive changes in this updates, although with the tightening of the supplemental index and the reciprocal linking part of the Google algorithm, I would expect quite a few links pages to lose PageRank as well as more pages going supplemental in the next few weeks, as a result of the backlink update.

2 Responses to “PageRank update underway”

Paul Says:

My index page went up to PageRank 5 and the internal pages went down to PageRank 3, so there is certainly Google PageRank update underway.

Dante Push Says:

Yes PageRank update and back links update are underway, my site has gone from PageRank 0 to PR4!

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