Google losing index pages of .com sites in UK searches

Google losing Root Pages from sites with .com TLDs

If your site has a .com extension and is hosted in the UK, you should expect to be listed in the search for pages from the UK. Most sites don’t have an issue with this, but for some reason Google have lost the root index page of┬áthousands of sites (Kenkai being one of them!).

By that I mean that although every other page in the site is cached as you would expect, your root page,, for example, is missing from the cache. This has been a worry for thousands of webmasters, as the root page, or index page, if you like, is the singular most important page on your website.

Lost Root Pages in Google UK Searches

The problem of lost root pages in the UK searches has been an issue for some four months and we have faced a constant battle to keep making tweaks to get the root page reinstated. If you face the same issue, worry not! Google have finally recognised this is a problem and have discovered the reason that this happens and are in the process of rolling out the fix.

In his blog, Matt Cutts has stated that the fix has been submitted and is working it’s way through the system, suggesting every root page from a .com site will be back, cached in the pages from the UK search, will be reestablished by the 16th January, 2007.

We must now wait and see!

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