First company law amendment directive

Changes to the Companies Act, 1st January, 2007

Although the UK government have not exactly gone out of their way to publicise the First company law amendment directive that is now law, anyone with a registered business in the UK, must now show:

  • their company registration number
  • their place of registration
  • and their registered office address


  • their website
  • their order forms
  • and their emails

I checked the emails that I have received in the past three days and less than 1% of them had this information, suggesting to me that most people are not aware of the changes to the Companies Act, or of the first company law amendment directive.

Stupid law? Probably, but if you don’t show this information, you’re breaking the law. Quite how it is to be policed, or what the fines are for not complying, I can’t say, as I have been unable to find that information anywhere. Full details of the First company law amendment directive┬ácan be found at

It would appear that the information needs to appear on every company email that you send, but not on every page of your website - as long the information can be found; perhaps on your contact or about us page?

If any of our clients want the Kenkai team to add any registration details to their websites, please email us the details.

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