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Wikipedia Search Engine - Search Wikia

James Wales, who created the Wikipedia online encyclopedia has announced that he plans to create a Wikipedia type search engine, reported to be called “Search Wikia”. The Search Wikia project will not use complicated computer algorithms to determine the relevance of web pages, instead it will be powered and edited by the general public, acting as editors. Sounding a little like DMOZ? Read on….

Search Engine Editors / Members 

Rather than editors taking months to review sites, as happens in DMOZ, Wales intends the Search Wikia project to work in a similar way to Wikipedia, relying on the Wikia Search users, or more likely, members, to build and edit the results that they get, when entering a search string into the Wikia Search box.

Google to Launch their own Wikipedia? 

I have to say that this is a sound idea and although Mr Wales has yet to announce a launch date, Wikia Inc are said to be buying the necessary hardware and are recruiting at present to get the project up and running as soon as possible. If the Wikia search is launched, I have no doubt it will be successful and I wouldn’t be surprised if Google don’t drop DMOZ as the source for the Google Directory and launch a Wikepedia type directory themselves!

What do you think?

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