Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Well that’s another year gone and I’m happy to report that Christmas sales for all of the clients that have KCommerce shopping carts have seen a big increase in sales for this year.

Kenkai have had another successful year both professionally and personally. Professionally because we trebled the number of new Kenkai clients and personally - for numerous reasons - Kai and Dolly getting married, me and Peggy becoming grandparents for the eleventh time, (and I’m only 47!) and Falkirk Football club sitting in 7th place in the SPL, (6th if we beat Dundee United today!).

We’ve also seen big changes in the world of search, with the engines tightening up dramatically on black hat seo techniques, and dodgy link strategies, which can only benefit our clients.

We look forward to another successful year for ourselves and our clients. We are back at our desks on the 4th of January. I’d like to say we’ll be fit and well, but as I write this I have a broken wrist and two broken ribs from a fall on Christmas night! Kai, Ally, Dolly, Peggy and Rich will just have to work that bit harder to cover for me, if they don’t remove my stookie when I go back to the hospital tomorrow.

I wish all readers a happy and successful 2007.

The Big Man

Update 02/01/06 - if anyone was interested, the Bairns hammered the Arabs 5-1 and we are now in 6th place in the SPL!

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