Three way link scammer on the prowl again

Jonathan Gray is back to his old tricks!

I received a 3 way linking offer this morning purporting to be from Jonathan Gray of, offering me a link I had arranged with the webmaster of the site several months ago, in exchange for a link to a site he is promoting.

Now I don’t know if Jonathan Gray is his real name, but he’s the same 3-way link scammer I reported on earlier in the year and he’s on the prowl again. If you follow the link you can read more details about this link scam and how it work and an example of the kind of email that this particular scammer sends out to unsuspecting webmasters.

Always check three way link offers to see if you already have a link to that site on your site, as┬ápond scum┬álike Jonathan Gray of - or whatever his real name is - don’t deserve to benefit from their con-man tactics - it’s a good kick in the arse they need!

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