Buyers Search Terms vs Shoppers Search Terms

Buyers Terms or Shoppers Terms ?

Bob from the land of Hotmail asks:

“What is a Buyers search term and what is a shoppers search term? I was reading a forum piece about search engine search terms and they were talking about buyers terms and shoppers terms, but I think I was the only person that didn’t know the difference!”

Hello Robert, first of all, it’s good to hear from you again and I hope the twins aren’t still keeping you up all night!

Buyers search terms and shoppers search terms are both important to a successful website, but many webmasters ignore buyers terms completely, concentrating wholly on shoppers terms which is a big mistake. Search terms, or key phrases, are split into two main categories: Shoppers search terms and Buyers search terms.

Shoppers Term 

Shoppers terms are search terms like “Houses for sale”, “Search engine optimisation”, “Car for sale”or “Heating Engineer”. This type of general query tends to be used by people that are window shopping for general information about what is available in the marketplace, costs, availability, etc.  Once they have done their window shopping, and they are ready to take their interest to the next stage in the buying process, they will generally search for more specific search term, unless they have stumbled across the ideal product or service when looking at shoppers terms. This is what we in the SEO business would call a buyers term.

Buyers Term 

An example of a buyers term would be “Edinburgh 2 bedroomed flat for sale” or “Search Engine Optimisation Stirling” , “Astra LX1.6 for sale in Stirling”, or “Corgi Heating Engineer York”. It’s important to optimise for the shopping search terms, but although the buyers search terms do not attract as much traffic, they have a much higher success rate. Someone finding you for a buyers search term, is like someone walking into your store with a credit card in their hand, as opposed to glancing at your shop window on the way to buy a cup of coffee. The good thing is, buyers terms are easier to optimise for than shoppers terms.

I hope that answers your question Robert, but if you want further examples, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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