Yahoo store issues

Yahoo Store Issues

Chris from Bristlythistle writes:

“I have a Ystore with about 1600 pages, ( About 30 pages are in the main Google index and 120 in the Google Supplementary index. I have contacted all of my suppliers and have 20 inbound links pointing at Bristlythistle. Unfortunately the max incoming PR is PR 5 from two of the sites. Any Suggestions?”

I’m not particularly familiar with Yahoo stores, their structure, or how well they feature in the search engines generally, and I’m not quite sure what you are asking me?
If you want to know why the pages of the Bristlythistle site are in the supplemental index, one of the main reasons is the product pages don’t feature meta description tags. Now I don’t know if the Yahoo store CMS doesn’t allow for it, or you simply haven’t added them to Bristlythistle, but if you hope to get out of the supplementals, adding a description tag to your head should be your first move.

I also notice you don’t have character encoding in your head tags of your Ystore, Chris, which you should add straight away.

Your Yahoo store is also far from being W3c compliant, with over 50 non-compliant errors on the index page alone.
I would suggest that you get the basics right first and if you are still not getting anywhere in the search engines, then you can start looking at SEO for the site. There is no point is spending energy with SEO, until you are sure that the reason for the lack of ranking is nothing to do with the poor coding on the site. Sorry I can’t really offer too much insight into the Yahoo store, but we never use off the shelf e-commerce solutions, as they are rarely written to rank well in the search engines.

Chris, let me know when you have sorted the coding issues with Bristlythistle and I can look into the other issues with the site at that time. Good luck with your site.

Response from Chris with regards to his Yahoo store issues:

Bigman, My Google entries just went from 150 to 525, after I followed your advice -  This happended within 5 days - thanks! Cheers Chris, I’m delighted my advice has paid off for you.

Chris has come back again, 3 days later:

My Yahoo Store now has about 780 entries in the Google index.  Unfortunately, I found 260 ‘orphaned’ pages in the supplementary index from an old sub-domain of the Ystore that have duplicate content.  I have done the 301 redirect.  Is there anything else I can do to make these go away?  (They appear in Yahoo and MSN too.)

Hello again Chris, you seem to have taken the correct step in using 301 redirects to point the old pages to the Bristlythistle ystore pages. These Yahoo store sub-domain pages will gradually disappear as the engines spider the old pages. It could take several months, but because you have taken the correct step of adding a 301 redirect, you will hopefully not be penalised. Have a great Christmas! 

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