Internet Explorer Critical Update

Internet Explorer 7 - IE7 Critical Update

IE7 has been released and Microsoft have marked it as a critical update, so it is being downloaded to your machine, sometimes without you realising it. If you don’t already have Internet Explorer 7 and an automatic updates pop-up appears on your screen, by clicking it, it will download IE7 into your screen.

If you have automatic updates turned off and you want to upgrade to IE7, simply go to your conrol panel and click on windows update or automatic updates (depending on your machine set up) and then simply follow the instruction onscreen.

IE7 Issues - Reading CSS Divisional Layers

If your website is written using CSS divisional layers and you are now viewing it using Mircrosoft Internet Explorer 7, it may not appear as you would expect it to on your screen, as IE7 handles CSS in a slightly different manner to IE6. If this is the case with your site, contact your designer and ask then to sort it, but ensure that the fix that your designer puts in works on IE7 and IE6, without preventing it from displaying correctly in Firefox and if you care about Netscape; Netscape.

Our own client who have maintenance agreements with us needn’t worry, if your site is affected, we will put an IE7 fix in at no cost. Other clients who are affected will be charged only half an hour’s work for us to put the fix in, even if it takes longer and any non-clients who want us to add an IE7 fix to their site will be charged a standard fee of £59.95 (plus VAT) (as long as someone hasn’t “had a go at it” and buggered the site up before we start!)

The fix isn’t a simple process, as you have to ensure that the site displays properly in all browsers, so it’s not a job for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Trust me, if it were a simple line of code, we’d print it here and let everyone do it themselves, as the IE7 fix is a pain to get right!

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anita Livi Says:

I suppose being younger and thus being relatively new to the game, I personally think CSS is far and away easier than tables. I never really learned table-layouts (I wasn’t much into designing then) and I didn’t really become interested in web design for a while *because* table layouts were such a pain to figure out. If, by chance, I did design a table layout, it was only with gratuitous use of Dreamweaver. So, for the same reason they claim tables are easier, I claim CSS is easier. It’s what I learned and got comfortable with.

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