Yahoo now recognises the DMOZ opt-out tag

Yahoo DMOZ Opt-out Tag

Yahoo have announced that they are now accepting the NOODP meta tag that MSN introduced back in June and Google started to support in August.

The ODP meta tag allows you to opt-out of having your DMOZ listing featured in the Yahoo search listings, instead of your well written, optimised Page Title and meta description. I covered this when Google started to support the NOODP meta tag and when MSN led the way with the tag to opt-out of DMOZ, so I won’t go through the whys and wherefores in this article, as you can follow the links and read the previous articles.  

To implement this NOODP meta tag, simply add the following tag to the head area of your index page:

<meta name=”robots” content=”NOODP”>

you can also add the individual meta tags to be sure:

<meta name=”msnbot” content=”NOODP”>
<meta name=”googlebot” content=”NOODP”>
<meta name=”slurp” content=”NOODP”>

Yahoo Directory Opt-out Meta-Tag

It’s great to see that all of the big three are recognising the DMOZ opt-out meta tag, but I’ve long been of the opinion that it would be more useful to the optimisation of the website if Yahoo allowed us to opt-out from using the title and description from the Yahoo Directory, rather than our index page title and meta description. The good news is that Yahoo have announced that they are working on implementing a meta tag that will allow us to do just that, according to an announcement made by Tim Mayer earlier in the week. My bet is that it will be called NOYAHOO and that it’ll be announced in the next 8 weeks.

Yahoo Opt-out Meta Tag Update

Yahoo have now introduced their Yahoo directory opt-out meta tag, NOYDIR. Details can be found here: NOYDIR Meta Tag

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