Keyword Proximity

Keyword Proximity

Following the last blog entry where I discussed the importance of Keyword Checking, I have been asked by several readers to explain what I meant by “tweaking for keyword proximity”.

Keyword proximity simply means how close individual keywords are to each other in the Page title, Head tags, alt tags, text tags and content of the site.

To give you an example:

A sentence such as,  

The proximity of the keywords is important to optimisation, if you hope to rank well in any search engine.

could be tweaked to be read as:

Keyword proximity is important to search engine optimisation.

Using this example, the page containing the second line of text, rather than the first, would be more likely to rank for the search terms, keyword proximity, or search engine optimisation, than the first line, because the keywords are in a closer proximity to each other making up exact keyphrases.

Tweaking for Keyword Proximity

When I mentioned tweaking for keyword proximity, I mean make a small change to a tag or the content and see how it affects the rankings the next time the page is cached. Don’t go crazy and start tightening up every sentence on the page, as that could be counter-productive.

It’s a long slow process of trial and error, but if you keep up to the task of regularly tweaking your pages and monitoring the results, you will see the benefits.

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seo india Says:

Thanks for explaining Keyword Proximity concept in more details. I haven’t used keyword proximity concept in webpage content . Now I will use this concept to increase my keyword ranking in SERP. You are a Search engine optimiser and you have never utilised the concept of Keyword Proximity? I take it you have just started in the industry? BM

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