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Tony from Alora asks:

“I ordered a free search engine positioning report from you and I have to say that the information that it contained was very useful. I then ordered three more free reports from you, so I could see how I compared to my competitors and I haven’t heard anything from you in four days. I really would like these positioning reports and you do advertise them as free, so can you send them please?”

I nearly didn’t answer this question, despite it being addressed to The Big Man, rather than reports@ or info@, as my intention with this blog is not to self publicise, but to offer advice on optimised design or search engine optimisation. The question does, however, allow me to lead into important advice about checking your positions regularly.

To answer Tony’s question first. Thanks for your kind comment about the search engine position report that we compiled for you and I’m glad you found the advice of some value. You didn’t hear from us regarding the positioning reports on your competitors because your requests were binned and quite frankly, we get so many competitor check requests each day, we don’t have time to write and explain why you won’t be receiving the reports you ordered. The search engine ranking reports are free and we are happy to supply them to anyone that orders a report using an email address that includes the site URL. We make it quite clear on the positioning report request page that using an unrelated email address to order reports is a waste of your time, as they will not be forthcoming. So Tony, old boy, that’s why the three other positioning reports that you ordered didn’t materialise.

Keyword Checking

It is really important that you constantly check what keywords are successful in attracting visitors to your website. Why is keyword checking so important?, because every time someone finds you for a particular keyword, you have the opportunity to strengthen that search term on that page, so that the position improves, so more people find you for that term. Keyword checking is an ongoing process. This information is often available through your web stats, but we use Opentracker, which is a fantastic bit of kit, but beware, you’ll become an Opentracker junkie - checking every ten minutes to see who’s on your site, where the come from, how long they are on the site, what term they used - hell it even tells you what operating system they use!

Armed with the information about the search term they used to find you, check Google to find where you appear on the search engine for that term and log that position. Then go into the page and tweak it either for proximity or density. Don’t go crazy. Often adding one extra instance of the keyterm, or changing the makeup of a sentence to improve proximity, is enough to see positions improve in the rankings. Check back a week later and if the page has been cached, log your new position on Google and retweak. Do this, week in, week out, until it has reach a position that you are happy with.

You don’t need to go any buy a product like Search Engine Commando that reports on the search engine positions of all of your keywords on every search engine, as although Search Engine Commando is a brilliant piece of kit, it could lead to the search engines penalising you if you over-use it, as they don’t like automatic reporting software. Knowing where you are for all of your positions is interesting, but that information in itself doesn’t improve rankings or bring in business. Stick to tweaking the terms you are being found for and guess what? When you move up the rankings as a result, more people will find you for these search terms!

One more thing on the free search engine positioning reports, our report gives you much more information that simply your search engine positions, so if all you want to know is your positions for a particular term, can I suggest you have a look at Mike’s Marketing Tools, where he offers quick searches, although, at the time of writing, the Yahoo results are not very accurate. 

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