Google’s new DMOZ listing opt-out meta tag actually works!

Google Opt-out Meta Tag

About a month ago, Google started to recognise a new meta tag, that allows you to opt-out of having your DMOZ listing featured in the Google index, rather than your site’s index page tile and description. I actually wrote an article about it a day after it came into being, but as I went to hit submit, my mouse took a jump to the back button and I deleted the article completely. I didn’t have the heart, at the time, to rewrite the article, but as I am now using the NoODP meta tag on Google, as well as for MSN, I thought it was high time I battled with the mouse again and try and bring the readers that don’t already know about the Google DMOZ opt out tag, into the land of the knowledgable.

MSN led the way with the DMOZ opt-out meta tag, back at the beginning of June, and I used it on a couple of sites to rid them of the dreaded ODP title and description. Both sites lost their DMOZ title and description the next time that they were cached, but it wasn’t until recently that I used the ODP out-out on Google.

DMOZ Title Wrecked Positions

A good client of ours, Darren of Poles Direct, the online curtain poles store, contacted me in a panic, as he’d lost all his positions overnight. On checking the listings, I noticed that Google had changed his index page title and description to his Open Directory listing title and description, which appeared to be the cause of the problem. I quickly added the following to the header area of his website index page:

<meta name=”robots” content=”NOODP”>
<meta name=”msnbot” content=”NOODP”>
<meta name=”googlebot” content=”NOODP”>

and two days later, the DMOZ listing had been replaced with his index page and he was back at the top of Google for all of the Curtain poles related search terms.

The Googlebot NoODP meta tag works a treat and allows you to safely opt out of the edited DMOZ title and descriptions. I’ll be adding it to all of my new websites in future, as┬ástandard practice.

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