Sandbox checking software - does it exist?

Sandbox Checking Software

James, from the land of Gmail, who is a web promotion analyst from the USA asks:

Can you please list the tools that are available to check whether a website has been sandboxed by Google.

Unfortunately James, I’m afraid that there is no definitive way of knowing if your site is in the Google sandbox, or if links pointing at your site are sandboxed. I also know of no reliable sandbox checking software on the market that checks whether you have been sandboxed or not.

To gauge whether a site is sandboxed or not, check all of the areas of ethical search engine optimisation on your website, and if everything is 100%, and the site is not under a ban, then the chances are that the site is sandboxed. I have to say, that 95% of people that think their site is sandboxed, simply have not invested in the right kind of optimisation, unless they are in the financial sector, where sandboxing would appear to be almost automatic.

James, you don’t mention the name of the site in question, or I would have had a quick look at it for you (and given you a link), and given you a few pointers. Please feel free to email me the details.

If any readers know of any sandbox checking software, please let me know and I’ll test it and pass on my findings in the Blog.

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