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Three-way Link Scammer Changes Tack

The link scammer that I discovered and reported on back in July, who at that time was opertaing from a website called and calling himself Jonathan Gray, would now appear to be calling himself Charlie Warne and is scamming links using an email address from a website called spyware-not-anymore. Don’t visit the site though, as it seems to download a Trojan into your computer!

This may not be the same person, but the email is laid out in an identical manner and like Jonathan Gray, Charlie Warne is claiming to have set up a new link on a site that he doesn’t own and that I arranged several months ago with the website owner. He then asks for a three-way link to a completely different site, in this case, to a site called

Have a look at the layout of the email, which I featured back in July and please let me know if you get any through.

Don’t let the link scammers steal your PR!

Have a great day!


Andy Vincent of, the innovative web site development company writes:

Thanks for your article on link scammers, Big Man, I found it immensely helpful. I received a scam request for a three way link exchange and after double checking my database I find out that I had already implemented a link exchange with the site, After reading your article about link scamming, I believe this person to be an email scammer and have also contacted Logo Design Guru to inform them of the situation (who are completely innocent in this and are simply being chosen at random by the link scammers to target sites that are linked from the LDG site).

Thanks Andy, glad to see the articles have some benefit to the readers!

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