Edinburgh Virtual Reality Cafe - VR Arcade Edinburgh Scotland

Virtual Reality Arcade - VR Cafe in Edinburgh

Great news for Edinburgh based, or Central Scotland based Virtual Reality fans - a new VR Arcade / Cafe has opened in Gorgie Road in Edinburgh! The new VR centre is called The Realm VR and it boasts 4 VR booths, one of which is a VIP booth. The Virtual Reality headset of choice is the HTC Vive, which is currently the best VR headset on the market and it features room scale games.

What is Virtual Reality?

Imagine enjoying a computer simulated game, where you can see, hear, touch, walk around and interact with the people and objects you encounter - that’s Virtual Reality! If you haven’t tried it yet, pop along to The Realm VR and check it out! You can experience adventures by yourself, or with friends and family.

VR Games and Experiences

The Realm VR offers a wide range of Virtual Reality games and experiences for the beginner to the experienced VR gamer alike. You can enjoy a walk around the moon, encounter a whale underwater, walk the plank hundreds of feet above a busy city, wander the streets of Tokyo - or if action and adventure are more your bag, there are numerous exciting Shooter, Horror and Strategy games for you and your friends to enjoy.

Cost of Taking Part in a VR Experience

In the Edinburgh VR Cafe and Arcade, bookings are charged by the hour, as they are in all Virtual Reality arcades. Monday to Thursday, the rate is only £14.50 an hour and at the weekends, the cost is a very reasonable £19.50 per hour. You need to book time in advance. You can do that by calling The Realm VR Centre  on 0131 339 2000. Alternatively, you can visit their Website by clicking on the following link: Virtual Reality Arcade and VR Cafe Edinburgh, and book online using their booking form.

The website is a bit “Imagy” with the emphasis on massive pictures and little in the way of information, which you have to click and scroll to find - but persevere, as the actual Virtual Reality Arcade is a fabulous place and the VR Cafe is to die for, with dozens of tasty treats and quality beverages.

Don’t just take my word for it - try it for yourself ! I was a Virtual Reality virgin on my first visit - my son had to virtually drag me along, but within minutes of putting on my first headset, I was completely hooked. See you there!

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