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Please ignore this post. I’m not a Web designer based in Bury, or a web design company looking for business in the Bury area.

So, what is the purpose of this blog? I received an email from a Bury web design company claiming it was difficult to achieve rankings for the term. Now, I’m not denying that there are a few web designers in Bury, but I’m simply interested to know, if it is, in fact, a difficult term to achieve.

Web Design company in Bury

The blog is formed with  h1, p, h2, p, ul, h3 and p tags, using the key terms that I would want to achieve, namely:

  • web design Bury
  • website design Bury
  • web designer in Bury
  • website designer in Bury

and several other combinations of the terms.

How long will it take to get onto the first page for the Web Design Bury  terms?

It is 1.15pm on Friday the 29th May and this is the first blog I’ve put up in ages, so the Google Spiders aren’t visiting my site as often as they used to, so I don’t expect to be on page one for the web design Bury term in the next ten minutes, but it’ll be interesting to see just how long it will take.

I’m not doing this to have a pop at the Bury web design company that wrote to me and made the claim; I wish them well. In fact they appear to be one of the good guys, I’m simply targeting the Bury terms to see if it’s still as easy to achieve, what is supposed to be a difficult term, as it used to be, before I stopped looking for new clients, over a year ago. I’ll update when I see some results :)

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