Fabulous Coffee Shop - Cafe des Fleurs, DOLLAR, Clackmannanshire

I’ve just paid my first visit to the Café Des Fleurs, which is situated in Bridge Street in Dollar, at the foot of the Ochil Hills. Let me tell you - it won’t be my last!

The cafe itself is well decorated, with lots of odd bits and pieces - an old plate warming cupboard to keep the fresh scones in - large old suitcases/travelcases that have been cleverly redesigned as tables, odd chairs, real china cups and saucers, from all different sets, all in all it created a lovely warm, friendly atmosphere.

This delightful Dollar coffee shop is well staffed with smiling waitresses of all age groups, from 15 to ….. more mature, shall we say :) The owner, Ainsley, was herself attractive and charming and couldn’t do enough for us. It was, however fresh home baking that topped off the perfect lunch for me. The menu offers a nice selection of soups, baked potatoes, paninis, sandwiches - all fairly normal, but the cakes are just to die for. I had a slice of raspberry trifle cake, with a dollop of clotted cream. My eyes were larger than my belly, (although admittedly, that’s getting more difficult as I pile the pounds on!) and I bought a piece of chocolate orange cake as well. After I had my cake, with a cup of tea, I couldn’t manage my chocolate Orange cake, so I brought it home in a doggy bag - although the dogs won’t be getting even a sniff of it!

If you are in the Hillfoots in Clackmanannshire, or you are out for a wee run to Dollar or a cycle, stop off in the Cafe des Fleurs. it’s worth half an hour of anybody’s day. Prices are what you would expect for a quality establishment, and I promise you, if you go once, you WILL return. I’m told that the cafe can get very busy with people sampling their fabulous cream teas, so it’s worth a quick phone-call to book in advance, as it’s not massive and probably can only handle 28 to 30 covers at a time. The telephone number is 01259 743699.

You can find theCafe Des Fleurs Facebook page, if you want to be put under further temptation at:


I hope you do take my advice and try out this delightful Dollar Cafe. If you do, mention that you were sent by the Big Man  and I may just get a free cake next time I’m in :)

2 Responses to “Fabulous Coffee Shop - Cafe des Fleurs, DOLLAR, Clackmannanshire”

Miss Jane Kerr Says:

I caught your review of this lovely Hillfoots coffee shop when scouring the net for somewhere to eat while visiting Dollar Academy this morning and would simply like to thank you for taking your time to blog about this wee café - my boyfriend and I found it to be delightful!

Jessie McCloy Says:

Nice review. I’ll be visiting Dollar today, so I’ll pop in for a wee cake :)

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