Parker 92 Safety Razor Luxury Shaving Set

Having removed my beard, I decided that I liked the fresh face feeling and I’ve kept the clean shaved look ever since. To ensure that I get the maximum enjoyment from my morning routine, I decided to gift myself a new safety razor, badger hair brush and brush stand.

I went back to Executive Shaving, where I bought the Driftwood shaving cream to initially remove my beard, to find that they had an offer on the Sterling safety razor shaving set, which comprises of a Parker 92R butterfly open safety razor, a handmade Badger shaving brush and a rather stylish Italian crafted shaving stand.

The set was only £50 plus VAT, which seemed to be really good value, so I went ahead and bought it. It was late in the day when I placed my order, so it arrived two days later.

Luxury Shaving Gift Set

I know I bought this gift for myself, but I was really impressed when I took it out of the packaging, both by the designer look and the clever functionality and I’ll be going back to order another one as a wee Christmas gift for my youngest son, (as he’s just about at the stage of having to shave every day!), as it’ll make a fabulous shaving gift set!

Parker 92R Safety Razor

The Parker 92 razor has a smooth butterfly opening to encase the razor blade and the handle has a “Studded” design, so it doesn’t slip in your hand, allowing a more accurate, nick-free shave. The razor fit’s nicely in the stand and the stand design allows for the brush to rest at an angle, so it can dry and aerate naturally, which I find always prolongs the life of a badger shaving brush.

I’m keeping this set purely for my face, as I’m used to using a Gillette Mach 3 razor on my head and using a safety razor on my baldy bits is a skill I’m too lazy to learn at the moment!

If you are looking for an inexpensive, top quality shaving set for yourself, or a shaving gift set for a friend or loved one, I can thoroughly recommend the Sterling Safety Razor Shaving Set. Even if you are simply looking for an inexpensive safety razor, the Parker 92 is a great choice, which Executive Shaving offer at a very reasonable £20, inclusive of VAT. Executive Shaving offer a massive range of safety razors, so if the Parker 92R isn’t to your taste, I’m sure that you’ll find a razor that is :)

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