What is link juice?

Brett writes: So what is Link Juice - can you give me a simple, non-gobbledygook definition of Link Juice? It’s often mentioned on forums and need it defined in simple terms that I can understand. Thanks.

Without going into any real detail at all, I’ll try and explain Link Juice in a coouple of sentences:

The Google algorythm treats links from other sites, to your site, as votes for your site; recommendations, if you like.

So an incoming link sees link juice flowing into your website and a link from your site to another site sees link juice flowing out of your site.

So, to summarise: incoming link juice = good - outgoing link juice = not so good.

I hope this helps Brett and thanks for the question.

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Robert Says:

Yup, every time you create a backlink on another site a little “linkjuice” goes to your site which will help boost your site in the search engine rankings.

Waqas Says:

thanks mate. Nice info on Link Juice.

You have described Link juice so well :)

I know about the incoming link juice I didn’t realize about outgoing link juice. So, I think, to reduce outgoing link juice only 100 links max should be on one page. As I’ve reduced number of links from my site saminashealthyoptions.com

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