Link Scamming - don’t get caught by the 3 Way Link Scammers

Link Scamming - Three way Link Scammers on the prowl!

SEO blog cubesI received an email the other day, from a chap going by the name of Jonathan Gray from a company called Now, I should say that Jonathan Gray may not be his real name and the email may have been doctored to look like it came from, but I have emailed several times and received no error messages from my server, so it looks as though the email was genuinely from

Jonathan Gray’s email offered me a three way link. I have duplicated the offer below, so that you can recognise the style of the email, in case you receive one:

Subject: Link Exchange
                             We have placed  your link here on our other site
it look like as:



TITLE:   Logo Design UK

DESCRIPTION: Fast, inexpensive logo design, Scotland, UK


              I would be glad if you could provide a Oneway link to our site


Please put up my link in return :



TITLE (CLICKABLE):   3d Laser Scanning

DESCRIPTION:   a Free forum discussing all forums of 3d Scanning



Jonathan Gray

The 3 Way Link Looks Good!

On the face of it, this seems like the ideal link request. I’m getting a one-way PR6 link in exchange for a one-way (to another site) PR5 link. The only problem is that the link hasn’t just been added to logodesignguru by Jonathan Gray of, it is a link that I personally arranged with Maryann Fernandes of Logodesignguru, back on the 5th May, 2005!

This isn’t the only time that I’ve heard from Mr Gray and He has sent similar emails to some of my clients and even once claimed he had added a link to (and yes, I have a copy of the email), and wanted my client to link to one of his sites.

Again, this could all be an innocent mistake by, mixing up URLs when they send out their link request, or it could even be a software error - you know how regularly that happens, eh? I’ll let you decide whether this is an email from a link scammer, or a genuine chap with software problems.

Whatever you do however, double check all three way link offers, as I’m sure that there is more than one scammer out there and they could be after your links! 

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