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The spamtwats that have comment spammed me in the past on scammy clothes, handbag, watch and shoe sites where they either take the money and run, or send you inferior, cheaply made knock-offs instead of the designer handbags, clothes or shoes that you thought you were buying, are at it again with a site called I received no less than 265 Authentic Gucci handbags spam comments; each one identical and they read:

“We all know that it is no magic formula that Gucci purses are what every single woman is hunting for now days it is the best fashion out there. All females also know that it is really hard to discover a reputable wholesaler for Authentic Gucci Handbags. I bet you have currently searched the world wide web for a genuine wholesaler, I know I have and have but to locate one. Some individuals I know are going by way of the identical difficulty, possibly that or they have located a wholesaler who they feel was respectable and misplaced a great deal of funds on worthless products because they dealt wit ha fraudulent firm, You basically just don’t know who to have confidence in anymore. I realize how frustrating it is most individuals have gotten “burnt” undesirable by all this so known as genuine Gucci Outlet wholesalers”.

Gucci Handbag Sale Links

The comments, are of course, littered with links to what seems to be a dodgy site called selling what purport to be authentic Gucci handbags and purses. The site bears an amazing resemblance to the previous scam sites that chose to spam comment my blog in the past. It was only created recently, and it’s registered in China and the owner is 35ddf fdsgffafsd sdfdda (if that’s not dodgy I don’t know what is!). vipguccihandbagsoutletusa does not feature contact details or an address, instead it features the sample text that comes with the shopping cart template:

“Contact Us Sample Text�…

This section of text is from the Define Pages Editor located under Tools in the Admin.

To remove this section of the text, delete it from the Define Pages Editor.”

The Privacy policy is a blank page as is the Shipping and Returns page, the Trustwave and Verisign logos are images only, not linked so you can check - do I need to go on? Making a purchase from would appear to be somewhat of a major risk, in my humble opinion :) is still a new site and it has yet to be seen if it’s a legitimate site, if it’s a scam site that takes your money and runs or it is selling cheap quality knock-offs. There is always an outside chance that the fact the site doesn’t feature any contact details, policies and the trust logos don’t link to anywhere is because it is still under construction…………… Personally, however, I doubt it.

If you have ordered a Gucci handbag or purse from, or if you know anything about the site, please take 5 minutes to leave us a comment below. Thanks :)

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