Mum Discovers Wrinkle Trick Advert

I’ve seen and advert on how to get rid of wrinkles on loads of sites and I actually stopped and looked at it the other day. It says, Mum discovers £5 wrinkle trick, and shows what I can only imagine is the before and after picture of the mum that discovered how to get rid of wrinkles. This is the advert:

Mum discovers wrinkle trick advert

Do you want to know what her great discovery is and how she made her wrinkles vanish with this simple trick? It’s obvious! She took a pic of her grandmother for the before picture and a pic of a young model for the after pic! :)

Seriously? How do these people make money? Wrinkles are shadows on the skin that come because the skin is old and loose, or simply hasn’t been looked after. There is no way an old granny with wrinkles as bad as the pic on the left could ever look like the young girl on the right - not even with expensive plastic surgery! There must be some people that are taken in I suppose, or it wouldn’t be worth stick the “Mum discovers £5 wrinkle trick” ad all over the net!

How DO they make their money?

Seriously? How do these people make money? Simple! The Majority of the people that are taken in by the misleading advertising, don’t read the terms and conditions that they tick to say that they have read. Most of the companies that advertise these products, headline with “Mum discovers £5 wrinkle trick”, but then you give them your credit card details and then find, a month later, you get billed for anything between £70 to £200 for the next lot of “Miracle Wrinkle Wrangler”, or what ever they call it. You are then snookered, because you have signed to say it’s okay to do so, by ticking the Terms and Conditions box on the purchase form. ALWAYS READ THE TERMS - or better still, don’t be taken in by this appalingly misleading advertising in the first place!

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