BCBG Girls Spam Scam

The guys that have comment spammed me in the past on scammy clothes sites where they either take the money and run, or send you inferior, cheaply made knock-offs instead of the designer dresses that you thought you were buying, are at it again with a site called I received no less than 236 BCBG dresses  spam comments, all the same today, they read:

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BCBG Links

The comment, is of course, littered with links to what seems to be a dodgy site called selling what purport to be BCBG designer evening dresses. As the site bears an amazing resemblance to the previous scam sites that chose to spam comment my blog in the past. It was only created ten days ago, it’s owned by a Lang Fo Bo in Fushun in China. Shopbcbgdresses does not feature contact details or an address, instead it shows a hotmail email address. The prices on the site are ridiculous, (£384.51 reduced to £101.31, for example) - way to low for these to be genuine BCBG dresses, don’t you think?.


Shop BCBG dresses don’t appear to mention that they are based in China, which is interesting if you check out their returns policy, which gives you only 14 days from receipt of your parcel to get it back to China and through Chinese customs without the dress being damaged in any way.

My experience of sending items to China is that 80% of the parcels I’ve sent have been opened by  customs and repackaged poorly. They even sliced open 5 leather footballs once to check to see if there was anything inside - then parceled them up and delivered them with a big hole in each one! is still a new site and it has yet to be seen if it’s a legitimate site, if it’s a scam site that takes your money and runs or it is selling cheap quality knock-offs. Be aware, however, that there is no telephone number, it uses a hotmail address and there is no business address on the website - (and it’s based in China). I would certainly think carefully before placing an online order with them.

If you have ordered a BCBG dress from, or if you know anything about the site, please take 5 minutes to leave us a comment below. Thanks :)

3 Responses to “ BCBG Girls Spam Scam”

Geraldine M Says:

It appears that has now been taken down. I think when you took the number one position on Google for the name of the site, that was their death knell, so well done Big Man! No doubt, they will have launched another ten scam sites to replace ShopBCBGdresses, but one battle at a time, eh? Keep up the good work!

delfina Says:

This, they spammed me this week on scammy of a bcbg dress this site take the money and run, because they sent me another cheap dress that is not a bcbg, is cheaply made knock-offs instead of the designer dresses that i thought i was buying. that dress came from china! they never refund me the money US 200.

Janine Petersen Says:

I ordered a dress from this site and they sent me a completely different cheap dress by mistake. I had to email pictures to them to show them what I received and they said to keep that dress but never mailed me the one I ordered. I am no out about $200.00. I am so angry. Is there any recourse for such a scam? Any way to get my money back? If you paid by credit card, rather than a debit card, yes. Contact your card company. BM :)

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