0800 197 9723 nuisance calls

Quick one - I just had a call from some muppet  on 08001979723 that appeared to put the phone down on me as soon as I picked it up. It is, of course, a direct marketing company using an automatic dialer that calls 20 numbers at one time and only three or so are connected to the salespeople at the other end. Bloody annoying, but I suppose everyone has to make a living somehow!

The reason for writing about my 0800 197 9723 call is that if you get one and you searched 08001979723 on Google to find out who it’s from, I can tell you! It’s from Scottish and Southern Energy, who are phoning you to pitch you on cheaper phonecalls or cheaper gas, or cheaper electricity, or one of any number of things that these direct salespeople¬†claim to be able to save you money on.

If you want to have your numbers removed from their lists, so they don’t pester you again, call 01738 453243 and a friendly and helpful telephonist will remove you from their lists.

That’s it, only a quickie. Hope the information is of help to someone. Have a great day :)

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paul Says:

very helpful indeed. cheers

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