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When we make changes to our Terms and Conditions, we print the changed section and sub-section on the Blog, so that clients are aware of the change. We have changed our Maintenance Agreement Prices and how we charge clients that decide not to take a maintenance agreement.

Please note that existing Maintenance Agreement clients will continue to be charged at their existing agreement rate and their maintenance agreement terms have not been altered.

We guarantee these prices in the next six months to existing maintenance clients :) .

The increase of our standard rate of £9 per hour, (our first increase in  6 years!), applies to all clients, Maintenance or Non-Maintenance.


Within ten (10) days of Kenkai Projects Limited receiving full payment for the provision of Design Services, the Customer will be offered the choice of one (1) of forty-nine (49) optional maintenance agreements. All forty-nine (49) maintenance agreements require a minimum three (3) months continued commitment by the Customer. One month’s notice of cancellation of the maintenance agreement is required by either party; the Customer or Kenkai Projects. Should the Customer wish to cancel a maintenance agreement prior to the end of the three (3) months period, 50% of the outstanding monthly payments become immediately payable by the Customer on receipt of an invoice from Kenkai Projects Limited.

Should the Customer decide not to enter into a maintenance agreement, any Design Services, will be charged at Kenkai Projects Limited’s standard hourly rate, which is currently seventy-five pounds (£75) per hour.

All non-maintenance clients are liable to pay a set fee for every email or telephone call received, by Kenkai Projects Limited, unless the email or telephone call is:

I.   A request for costing for provision of new Design Services.
II.  A request for Design Services that relate to previously supplied Design Services, that fall within the 30 days acceptance limit; as per 4.B above.
III. A client’s response to an email previously sent by Kenkai Projects Limited.
IV. Current Projects where the Design Services supplied have yet to be invoiced by Kenkai Projects Limited.
V.  The correspondence does not require an answer.

The current fee per email or telephone call is £3.75 plus VAT.

In the case of services being provided by Kenkai Projects Limited that require less than six (6) hours of development time to complete, where a client does not have a maintenance agreement in place, full payment for said services must be paid in advance of the services being provided by Kenkai Projects Limited. In the case of services being provided by Kenkai Projects Limited, irrespective if a maintenance agreement is in place or not, that require in excess of 6 hours of development time, credit terms may be offered at the discretion of Kenkai Projects Limited, (Usually 50% payment as a deposit and 50% payment on completion of project, prior to developed project being published to the Internet), and any Customer eligible for credit, shall be notified before Services are provided.

Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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