Are the Search Doctors Qualified

The Search Doctors

Just last week I featured an article Which SEO Company should I choose. Today I received an unsolicited, spam email from the kind of company that is typical of the “Bandwagon Jumpers” that send out email spam claiming to be SEO experts. Now the search may be a legitimate SEO company, with years of experience, but if so,

  • Why do they have to resort to spam email to attract customers?
  • Why do they, at the time of writing,  have absolutely no search engine positions on Google, MSN or Yahoo?
  • Why do they not feature their telephone number on their website or their spam emails?

I should say, that I’m not suggesting for a second that this company are anything other than a fine, upstanding group of fellows and that the fact that they resort to spam, haven’t  achieved any positions for themselves in the search engines and do not feature their telephone numbers on their website or their correspondence, is because they are too busy optimising other peoples sites and getting them to the top of the natural rankings. Oh yes, they are also probably too busy to answer the telephone.

I just thought that I’d bring The Search Doctors’ modus operandi to your attention and allow the blog readers to draw their own conclusions.

Don’t you just love spam bastards?

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Andy Yashar Says:

I just wanted to note this blog that the domain name belongs to new owners. We are qualified from google and do not believe in spam to gain our clients. It’s alway difficult taking over a domain name from someone with a previously held poor reputation, like the Search Doctors, so I wish you all the best. As you are optimisers, I was surprised to not that your URL is pointed at a non-optimised Wordpress blog and that you don’t feature in the search engines for any terms that I could find - not even for the term “The Search Doctors?” If you are not reliant on spam, you surely need to optimise your own website? Good luck with your blog and your business. BM

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