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I received a spam pitch from an American SEO company,, offering to land me that keyterm that’s so important to my business - Philadelphia Ally Bank :) .  The fact that the main keyword that would tempt us to contact them is Philadelphia Ally Bank, makes it clear that they have not visited my site in any way and that the email is purely spam, sent out to everybody else that appears in the Google rankings for that search term.

I appear on Page One, ranking 6th if viewing on worldwide, which is a spam scam blog article I wrote, which mentions Philadelphia, although it was about an Ally Bank scam. In the UK, I HOLD THE TOP SIX POSITIONS for the search on the UK version of GOOGLE! A glance at my site, by Ophelia Renee, would see I’m not the slightest bit interested in being further optimised for the Ally bank Philadelphia search terms, so it’s clear this is spam - out-and-out spam!

The email:

I was looking up websites in Google under the keyword search philadelphia ally bank and came upon your website I see that you are not ranked on the first page for your primary keyword searches.

There is no reason that you can’t have top three rankings for your keywords based on your website’s structure and content.  You need significantly more one way anchor text backlinks and I can help you with this.
Additionally, we are running a special that will provide you with a fully upgraded website, complete with mobile website, user panel conversion optimizer as well as handle all of your social media needs including Facebook and Twitter.  Social media is essential to connecting with new customers and generating repeat business.

I have a very simple way to prove that what I do works and it’s risk free for you to try.

Nothing beats performance and after you see what we are able to do for your business you will feel confident in the results we can

Would it be okay if I were to give you a call or you can certainly call me anytime. I would love to continue this discussion over the
phone with you.

It’s a loss leader pitch, where the SEO proves themselves before charging you and I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. What is wrong is that dbdseo have made no effort to visit my site, check the keywords that would be of some benefit to me and then offer to work on those tems for me. The Ally Bank term they chose is of no value to me. They chose the term because it’s simple to achieve. There are only three pages in the world that have specifically optimised their Page Title for the three word keyterm - and they are all the Yellow Pages!

Even on the world version of Google, the term can be achieved inside half an hour, maybe even in a few minutes, so the next time that check for the keyterm, they will find Kenkai on the front page of Google for the term - for whatever that’s worth! :).


DBDSEO are yet another SEO spammer that have closed their site down a few month’s after a major spam blast.  If you receive spam from someone purporting to be an SEO expert that can turn your site around, yet have obviously not even looked at your site, think twice about wasting your time or money on them.

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Santosh Mishra Says:

Anyone who will try to getting close to Google algorithm or say the original vision of Larry Page and Sergey Brian that how the web should be organised, will be considered as spammers. This is my finding. As you are obviously a comment spammer - is that what you think? BM

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