Clackmannanshire West Council Election Results

I wrote a couple of local blogs on the Clackmannanshire West council elections in the past three weeks, so now that the votes to see which four counsellors that we’ve ended up with are in, I thought I’d print the results.

There were only 3204 registered voters that bothered their arses to vote and the votes went as follows:

George Machett Labour 1037
Tina Murphy SNP 693
Jim Stalker Labour 473
Les Sharp SNP 404

The above four candidates are now the councellors for Clackmannanshire West.

The also-rans were:

Bill Mason Conservative 231
Janis Paterson SNP 231
Eddie Carrick Independent 136

It’s good to see Les Sharp get in, but I was sorry to see Janis Paterson lose her council seat, as she did a lot of hard work for the ward in the previous council. For her hard work, we thanks her :)

The Other Clacks Council Election Results

Clackmannanshire South

Craig Holden SNP 1042
Janet Cadenhead Labour 794
Ellen Forson SNP 696
Kenneth Earle Labour 487

Clackmannanshire North

Donald Balsillie SNP 728
Robert McGill Labour 663
Walter McAdam SNP 544
Archie Drummond Independent 540

Clackmannanshire East

Alastair Campbell Conservative 817
Irene Hamilton SNP 781
Kathleen Martin Labour 745

Clackmannanshire Central

Derek Stewart Labour 916
Gary Wormersley SNP 661
Graham Watt Labour 288 *

* Gaynor Hamilton of The SNP polled 421 ist choice votes, compared to 288 for Graham Watt, but Watt won the seat on the council. What sort of buggered-up electoral system allows someone to lose after polling 133 more votes? Can someone explain how this is calculated?

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