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Those that follow my blogs will know that I occasionally go off-topic and praise a local restaurant in Alloa or Stirling, or a local service, like a window cleaner, plumber, or in this case a car rental company! Enterprise rent-a-car came to our rescue after somone reversed into the jag and her insurance company insisted on the car being picked up by transporter, taken to Glasgow, fixed and then returned by transporter. This happened twice for the same shunt, so we twice had the need for an Alloa or Stirling car rental company.

Having not rented a car in Alloa or the surrounding area for almost ten years, I was used to renting old bangers and the people in the office not giving much of a toss for customer service, but I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised by the service - and the quality of the vehicle - that we were offered at Enterprise Rent a Car in Stirling.

The young lady we dealt with, Kelly, whom I assume is a customer service person, (although I have to say, I would be promoting her pretty damn quickly, if that is her current position), couldn’t be more friendly, helpful and efficient. Kelly picked up my wife at the agreed time, drove her the 4  or so miles to their centre at 4 Munro Road in Stirling’s Spring Kerse Industrial Estate and she was back at the house in 25 minutes, in a smart little Fiat 500.

Being a Jag-man most of my life, I had to say I was somewhat disparaging about the tiny wee motor that had been hired to us, but over the three days we had it, I fell in love with it, (much to my embarrassment). When the rental was over, we drove the hire car back to Stirling and Kelly brought us back to Alloa, once it had been checked over for damage.

Peggy did say that all of the staff in the office that she spoke to were charming and efficient, but she singled Kelly out (sorry we didn’t pick up your surname :(  ) for particular praise. So Kelly, you win the Kenkai, “Above and beyond” award for this month - there’s no prize or anything, just the honour of appearing on the blog, :) and Enterprise car rental wins my recommendation as one of the good guys!

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