Public Safety Joint Event Spam

There is a Public Safety Joint Event spam email going around, (I received six this morning) which you should simply delete as soon as you get it. It claims that there is a joint event with fire and counter terrorism safety departments and that you should open the attached zip file, entitles Fire Safety

The email:

Subject: FW:Public Safety Joint Event


Attachment: Fire Safety (23KB)

Dear Co-workers

It might be useful for you to know that we are having a joint event with Fire and Counter
Terrroism Safety inclduing 3 written tests on Monday.

Last month two in ten emploeyes sruveyed could not pass the Fire Safety test.

Each of you will find enclosed a Fire Safety Guidance
and your role descripiton. Please take a look at the enclosed materials before 17th of April.
Kind regards,

Department of Human Resources

The spelling errors are in the original email and it’s also interesting that the spam clowns sent it on the 19th April, yet ask us to look at the materials by the 17th - how impressive is that :) 

I don’t know if the public safety joint event spam is a phishing scam, a trojan or some other malware, but it’s dangerous to you or your computer, so simply delete it and move on with your day. If you get a variant of the above, please take the 2 minutes to leave a comment to warn others what to look out for. Thanks.

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