Optimising my website for Google

This article has the heading Optimise my website for Google, because I keep getting spammed by a company that suggests I check out the term in Google, as proof that they know what they are doing as far as search marketing is concerned. They suggest that by typing in the term, Optimising my website for google into the Google search box, their pdf will appear on the front page, making it easy to find and download.

Unfortunately, the SEO company concerned do not appear on the front page of Google for the term, but as they are going to the trouble of spamming thousands of people a day, I thought I may as well have a pop at grabbing a first page spot for Kenkai :)

Optimising my website

I wrote a series of articles for the BBC on the 6 simple steps to optimising your website for Google and the other engines, some time ago and very little changes in SEO, it’s just a case of getting your finger out and doing the work and doing it regularly.

The first article can be found by typing in radio 2 SEO into Google, or simply click the link provided :) That’s the original blog, but I wrote more articles over the next few days, going into more detail:

Optimising Page Titles  Optimising a Meta Description Tag  Correct Use of header tags - H1, H2, H3  Optimising Web Page Content

Optimising Website Navigation  Sending Link Requests

So, I wonder how long it will take us to make it to the front page of Google for the term  “Optimise my website for Google”?

As you will see below, it took a minute to be number one in the UK for the term (and number 3 in the world), so perhaps at least someone will get some advantage from the thousands of spam emails that Lucy Windsor and her company send out every day  :)

Optimising my website for google

5 Responses to “Optimising my website for Google”

Mo Says:

Nice one: I just received the same message, had the same thought, and searched to find if anyone else had beaten me to it :-)

Matt Says:

Just got the spam and this made me laugh, well done ;-)

David H Says:

Having received the Lucy Windsor spam, I did not expect the SEO spammer to have even made the 1st page on the search phrase they were quoting!

Finding your page at the number 1 spot, was far better than anything I was expecting.

The only trouble is by reaching the top spot, you become more of a target to such spammers, who tend to find sites that have good SEO in the first place! It’s a funny world!

…but for me you have definately made it much funnier :) Well Done.

Phil in Normandy Says:

This is a hoot! Just got the same style of email from the same source today (with minor mods) and I thought “bet they aren’t there when I put this in to Google” - I was right, but arriving here was a bonus :)

Thanks for the giggle

Phil, adrift in Normandy

Michaela Says:

This is Brilliant. I received the same email and whacked it into Google and found your blog. Utterly deserving of the number one spot. Well Done.

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