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We started using Namesco, (, a couple of years back, as although they were not the cheapest, we found that this service was first class. Unfortunately, our Namesco domain name renewals are due to be renewed and we were shocked to find that after year two THEY DOUBLE IN PRICE! Yep, that’s right! not £9.99 plus VAT for two years, but £19.99 plus VAT for 2 years! SHOCKER!

The index page banner:

The homepage banner clearly shows that a domain name is £5 per annum. There is no mention that this double when you come to renew your domain names. There is no link to it on the home page to the domain renewal price.

So I searched for the link to the Namesco Terms and Conditions and under prices, it shows:

Namesco terms and conditions

The page has various sub-heading links, so you can easily find what your looking for, so I looked for Namesco Domain name renewal prices, but couldn’t find a link, so I followed the Prices links. Surely, if the site isn’t trying to hide the fact that they charge double for domain name renewals, it would show the price of two years as £19.99 plus VAT - NO, it doesn’t! As you can see below, it clearly states that the cost of a for two years is £9.99.

Namesco domain name prices

Anyone viewing the site, would think that the cost of domain names are £9.99, as i still hadn’t managed to find anything about them doubling the price for renewing your domain name.

Trawling through the rest of the terms and conditions I found a mention of Domain name renewals in section three, but even there, they don’t give you the cost of domain names renewals, it’s hidden away on another page that you have to click on the link to view it.

“Our charges for registration and renewal, which include third party disbursements (for example the registry/registrar’s fees), can be viewed at or by contacting us on 0845 363 3630″ .

Following the link takes you to the price-list above, where it still shows that the current price for renewing a Namesco domain name is £9.99 for two years!

So if that is the cost for renewing the domain name, as clearly stated on the Namesco website, (well, not so clearly really, more hidden away), how come they are getting away with charging double that?

I phoned Namesco and was told that it was right that the domain name renewal doubles in price and that the first year offer was “A loss leader”. When pressed to tell me where on the website this information was presented, he couldn’t tell me, suggesting I look at the terms and conditions. I wrote to Charlotte McKelvie of Namesco, whom I’ve corresponded with before and whom I found to be very professional and helpful and she wrote back to me stating:

“It is true that our renewals for domains are £19.99 (for two years). All of our renewal information is detailed on our website - it can be found on our prices page (in our T&Cs section) highlighting that domain registration prices apply to the initial term and links to our renewal pricelist. You can find this dedicated page here:

The link in the terms and conditions page goes to the page featured above, which states £9.99, so I’m afraid the information, as pointed out by Charlotte, does not indicate that the cost of renewal is £19.99, but it is, in fact, £9.99. The link that Charlotte sent does not appear to be linked to from the terms and conditions and if it is, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Perhaps Charlotte can tell us where it appears in the T and Cs, other than where it is supposed to appear?

Thousands of people paying double for their Namesco Domain renewals

There must be tens of thousands of people that have paid double for a domain name renewal with, but the website, up to 12.25 on the 17th April, clearly states that renewals are £9.99 for two years for names. If Namesco have charged you double, get in touch with them and claim your money back. I’m no lawyer, but what they are doing seems to be dodgy to say the least and if enough people get in touch, or start buying their domains from reliable companies like 123reg, who don’t charge double for renewing your domain name, then maybe, just maybe, Namesco will put the information on the front page of the website, or at least draw our attention to the price doubling.

If Namesco have caught you out by charging you double for your renewal, please take the time to leave a comment on the blog. Thanks.

3 Responses to “Namesco Domain Renewal”

Donald P Says:

What a con! I use 123 reg now after leaving Namesco for this very reason. When the Namesco domain name renewal came in, I complained and got the runaround until I finally paid the £10 plus VAT (another con!) to move the domain name away to 123 Reg!

Jennifer Says:

I paid the Namesco domain renewal fee without questioning it, on my other website, but I just typed Namesco domail renewal into Google and found your blog on the subject and I will be moving my domain before I get ripped-off next time around! Unfortunately, that’ll cost you £10 plus VAT as well! BM

Lucy Mayton Says:

Sorry but this is wrong check there site at the bottom on the price list. says something about renewal prices witha link to the prices. THAT’S WHERE IT’s HIDDEN! WELL DONE ON FINDING IT LUCY! Amazing that the two people I spoke to at Namesco couldn’t tell me where it was on the site, eh? Do you honestly think that hiding a disclaimer at the bottom of a massively long page isn’t proof positive that they are trying to hide the fact that they charge double for renewals? :)BM

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