Bill Mason Clackmannanshire West Leaflet

Oh joy! The council elections are coming around again! More politicos knocking on my door and stuffing leaflets through my letterbox! It’s all spam to me and it really pisses me off!

I was particularly annoyed with Bill Mason, the Conservative candidate for Clackmannanshire West, which it would appear is Menstrie and Tullibody, when he stood on my doorstep, read my notice on the door and promptly left his leaflet on my doorstep. I call that littering, don’t you?

The notices on my door make it very clear I am not interested in reading any-one’s leaflet, but would be councilor, Bill Mason obviously felt he was not included in the notices.

The notices on my door:

No leaflets banner

If that’s not clear enough, there is a second A4 sheet that reads:

No Leaflets or Canvassers

My question, to Bill Mason is - After reading my notices, why did you choose to litter my doorstep with your leaflet? Is the information that appear on the notices unclear to you?

Litter Issue 

Ironically, one of the questions he asks on his leaflet is if I am concerned about littering? Yes Mr Bill Mason - I’m concerned about littering - BY YOU!

Seriously though, I have nothing personal against Bill Mason, or his political leaning; or indeed his ambitions to become a councilor. He comes across in his leaflet as a nice chap and he’d probably do a good job. I’ll just ask him that if he or his team are door-knocking or leafleting, give me a miss next time and certainly don’t feel it’s okay to drop your leaflet on my doorstep, because the notice says don’t put it through my letterbox :)

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George Says:

Fucking hilarous sign, would have made my day to see it on a door

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