Next PageRank Update

Next PageRank Update

I reached my desk bright and early this morning, around 6.30am I believe, and as soon as I signed in, I was surprised by an MSN Messenger message popping up on my screen. I was surprised as few of our clients or friends are awake at that time of the morning! I was even more surprised to find it was Greig Wright of Wright International, the commercial and leisure marine brokerage people.

Back when we designed and developed the Wright International website, back in March 2005, I seem to remember it was difficult reaching Greig before 12 o’clock in the day - oh how success changes people’s habits - eh Greig?

He eventually admitted that he was still in bed with his laptop, somewhere in Malaysia, killing time before going to view a multi-million pound yacht! Oh how the other half live! (Jealous? me? nooooooooo!)

The reason for Greig contacting me, other than to tell me about the wonderful weather out there, while we are having the worst weather in years, was to ask when the next Google PageRank update will be.

These days with Google PageRank updates, it seems to be something of a guessing game. A couple of months back, Google seemed to be testing real time Tool Bar PR updates, with new pages picking up PageRank within days of going live. That experiment seems to have been knocked on the head, from what we can see and we’re back to the guessing game again.

It should be mentioned that although you may not see a PageRanking in your tool bar for a page on your website, the page does have PageRank in the eyes of Google, if the page is in the index, it’s just that the Toolbar is only accurate on the day that PageRank is updated, and stays that way until the next time that page rank is updated.

We, like most people, rely on the SEO Company in Ontario, for information about PageRank updates. Their PageRank Update page makes interesting reading and their predictions have been fairly accurate until recently - but who can predict what Google are going to do these days?

I hope that answers your question Greig - enjoy your day in the sun, sipping cocktails on the deck of a yacht and earning yourself healthy commissions at the same time. It’s a hell of a life, but somebody has to do it!

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