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Those of you that know me are aware that I love to eat out in atmospheric restaurants and that I love good food and wine. For my birthday last week, we decided not to go for one of my current favourite restaurants - The Red Lion in Culross, The Gargunnock Inn or the Beijing Villa in Falkirk and try some place new - Bar Aldo’s Italian Restaurant in Alloa. I had heard good things about Bar Aldo’s and as I fancied Italian food, I thought I would give it a go - I didn’t regret it!

Parking is easy, as there is a massive car Park at the rear of the building, that you could never fill and the restaurant is only a few steps from said car-park. The moment I walked in the door, the friendly, family atmosphere hit us. I don’t mean that the Italian Restaurant was filled with kids - there were no kids to be seen - it was simply a warm, friendly place where everyone, including the staff, appeared to be enjoying themselves. We were given a warm welcome, de-coated and de-hatted and taken to our seats.

I don’t normally like to site in the middle of a restaurant, with people walking past all the time, but Bar Aldo’s is big enough so that I didn’t even notice, far less be annoyed by it. All of the waiters were charming and although they were Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese, they had a firm grasp of the English language and conversing with them was a pleasure. Drinks were ordered and we settled down to choose our meals. There was a good choice, without the menu being over-bearing and the food was easy to understand - no farty explanations of an “epitot” of this and an “emanuisto” of that - It gave the Italian name and a straightforward English explanation - Tagliatelle Romano - Tagliatelle Pasta with Ham and Peas in a creamy tomato sauce - easy peasy and just what I fancied.

For starters I had Lobster Soup and it was hot and tasty. I had the soup with a garlic bread side dish and the combination was fabulous - “Tell the chef I love him!”.

My main meal was tasty, perfectly cooked, but I could have done with a little bit more on my plate. That’s not to say there wasn’t enough, I’m just a greedy animal when it comes to pasta! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food and the evening as a whole, with not one complaint - about anything!

At £35 per head, including wine and drinks, I didn’t think it was expensive, particularly as we enjoyed the atmosphere and the service so much and we were not chased to fit in another cover - this is one Italian Restaurant that is happy for their diners to keep their table for the evening! We will most certainly be back and will thoroughly recommend the restaurant to our friends.

The website, however, is very average, with broken links and a badly put together menu page. It may have put me off going had we not been personally recommended. So, if anyone from Bar Aldo’s is reading this and they want to get their website sorted out, give us a call - I’m sure that we can fix your site by bartering a few meals for our services! :)

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George Says:

I read your blog item “Italian Restaurant Alloa” and my wife and I were tempted to try the restaurant out last night. I am simply commenting to say thank you for the heads-up, what a fabulous eating place! This may be cheeky, but do you know anywhere in Alloa that does a good pub quiz? I’m not aware of any good pub quizzes in Alloa. If you don’t mind a wee drive, The MeadowPark Hotel in Bridge of Allan holds a good quiz on a Sunday night. The Crooked Arm in Bridge of Allan also had a good quiz on a Thursday night, but I think that has changed hands and I don’t know if it is still even called the Crooked Arm. (It’s in the side street, opposite the chippie, you go down a few steps to get to it). When we frequented the quiz, it was always a good night. The Birds and the Bees offers an enjoyable quiz night every Tuesday, although it doesn’t start until after 9pm. The only problem with this one is you need to sit in the main body of the pub, as the PA is crap and you can’t hear the questions in any of the offshoot rooms :) BM

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