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I keep getting spam comments from and having looked at the site, it would appear to be either a scam site or a site selling fake GHD straighteners, and it is sent from the same IP address and email address that the barbour jacket scammers send from.

The main image on the page is, I believe, ripped off another site. I can’t put my finger on which site it is, but I’ve seen it before whilst optimising for straightener products. The “View Glamour” link that show on the image certainly doesn’t work. Not only does the site not feature a contact telephone number or an address, the GHD hair straighteners sale UK site’s Contact page still shows the standard template message.

GHD Hair Straighteners

 The ridiculous prices, broken links, the fact it’s got UK in the URL, but it features dollars rather than pounds Sterling, etc. etc. should all ring alarm bells for anyone visiting a site like

However, if you find a site that is offering really cheap GHD straighteners and you want to find out if they are selling official GHD products, rather than fakes that could severely damage your hair, or scam merchants that will take your money and run, you can go to:, enter the name of the site and see if it is known to GHD and is selling official GHD products. When I enter, I get the following:

I also tested a legitimate site that sells GHD Straighteners,, and the website checker confirmed that GHD do recognise them as a genuine approved GHD online retailer, showing that the Website Checker appears to be working correctly.

If you have had dealings with, or if you have bought fake GHDs, or been ripped off by an online scam company that have taken your money and run, please post a comment below and give the blog readers the details and the domain names of the sites involved. If we can prevent one more person from being ripped-off, getting an electric shock, or burning their head, this post has been worthwhile. Thanks.

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buy domains Says:

Me too, i got a lot of spam comments on this sites, that’s why i decided to search it in google and that’s why i ended up checking your post…
thanks for sharing this info

swdawdghd Says: appear to be another scam ghd straightener site. If I type into the GHD site checker above, it comes up with a warning and the ghd ireland sale shop website has all the telltale signs of a scam site - no contact details, silly prices, no company registration details, broken links, etc. are also spamming blogs with similar spam to that above, like: The company marketing the straight hair, with our products GHD Ireland whether casual messy feeling, or lively air feeling, healthy luster and simple sense, make your hair rich and changeful modelling, have the blinding vivid and aura. N.b. dazzle hair series let modelling moment send out terrifying charm, more let a female fully enjoy the fun of modelling. GHD Ireland has the first of the IONTEC technology, can create a moderate amount of ion, and with strong ion transmission systems will protect hair ion to each hair, repair the damaged area to specific. GHD Ireland can make you more feminine glamour, to conquer your side of the all male compatriots! I would be wary of dealing with and if you do, make sure you use a credit card and not a debit card, because at least you can eventually get your money back if they are a bunch of scam-artists!

GHD Ireland Sale Shop Fake GHD Scammers Says:

Included in the Fake GHD Straighteners Collection is our featured product, the Gold Classic Styler Fake GHD. It’s easy to handle this fake styler because of the unique sleek design, copied from the real thing. It boasts smooth, contoured plates that run easily through the hair, but because it’s a fake, it is likely to burn your hair and possibly do irreperable harm to your scalp. The result is not instantly shiny, smooth, healthier looking hair, as using fake GHD hair stylers is dangerous. The body of the fake Gold Classic Styler can burn your fingers while styling because it’s just a cheap copy, like the rest of the cheap fakes that we sell. The fake GHD styler has none of the safety features that a real GHD product boasts, such as automatic shut off after thirty minutes and the pouch for the styler has a heat resistant mat that protects surfaces from high heat. It looks great on a dressing table with its onyx black color and slick golden plates, but it’s about as much use as an ashtray on a motor bike.

femi tosin Says:

i am a scammer from nigeria. bad luck that my mail has been hacked. now somebody is trying to give me a hard time… 
they want to flood my mailbox – actually one of my mailboxes – but unfortunately the one which i use only for private purposes to communicate with my fellow criminals. and we are a lot here in lagos.
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Richard Goozh Says:

Richard Goozh…

When trying to publish a book wouldn’t you protect your story or content with a copyright?…

Stop spamming my blog, you uneducated bore!

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